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Karl Saclolo and Andrew Hernandez, graduates from Monterey Trail High School’s Design and Technology Academy (DATA) and currently San Jose State University students recently won first place in Intel’s Robotics Competition.

The goal of the competition was to spend one semester to design and develop a prototype for a product utilizing Intel’s Galileo microcontroller. Intel provided each group with $400 in capital, engineering and art mentors from SJSU, as well as guest lectures from many of Intel’s employees concerning user experience and design. There were a variety of projects including smart garages, paint mixing machines, cube satellites, and smart cutting boards.

The winning product, K8, is designed as a physical toy as well as a digital tutorial that teaches children ages K-8 basic programming methodology and STEM thinking. Children go on adventures with K8 and help her solve different problems by using the touchscreen feature on the back of the doll.

To view a copy of the presentation, visit: bit.ly/19sPUko.