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Hello Families!  Welcome to the EGVA class site.  As the world settles into the new normal several parents have chosen to continue learning from a distance .  EGVA provides distance learning in an independent setting; parents can rest assured that we have this down. We have been online for over a decade.  We know exactly what our students need and how to schedule a day. Here you will find usually find announcements on social activities we have each month, student accomplishments and activities and other information to keep you on top of what we are doing as a school.    COVID has hindered our face to face meet ups this year, but we will incorporate what we can in the  2021/2022 school year activities!  We are now enrolling  and first day of class begins Aug 12, 2021.   This school year EGVA enrollments soared and we added several amazing teachers  to our family.

All the best,

The EGVA staff

Welcome Back to 2021/2022 School


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Are you ready to start the 2021/2022 school year?  We are excited to welcome all of the new changes 2021/2022 wants to throw our way.  This year brings increased enrollment and staff, as well as the return of our steadfast educators that you know and love.  Your teachers will be reaching out the week of August 9th with orientation information to help you begin your online independent studies experience.  Please SAVE the DATES below

August 11: Zoom Q & A

Week of August 9:  K-5 Workbook Pick up  @ Las Flores

August 12: First Day of School

Orientation Videos 6-8


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Actual Grade and Pacing Notes 


Scheduling Your Day 

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