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Piano Level I

Start your piano-playing journey! You will learn the fundamentals of reading notes, music theory, technique and a little music history. Learn to play your first song at the first class — playing two hands together! Join us and unlock your hidden Mozart or Beethoven. Students must bring their own keyboard to every class. Keyboard should be a minimum of 61 keys. Instructor: Carol Rivera

20141.02 Mon Feb 24-March 16 6-7 pm EGACE, Conference Room

20141.03 Mon April 13-May 4 6-7 pm EGACE, Conference Room

$89, plus $39 materials fee payable to instructor

Exploring Germany

This class will give you the insight into the German culture and language. You will learn the alphabet, pronunciation and key German phrases to help you communicate. Come learn about the major cities and sites you should visit along with the differ­ent kinds of transportation you will use. Instructor: Chris Faull

20832.01 Mon Feb 24-March 23 6:30 -8:30 pm EGACE, Rm ISO

$119, plus $10 materials fees payable to instructor.

Italian for Travelers

Are you planning a dream vacation to Italy? This is the perfect class for you! Enjoy learning Italian in this fun class that focuses on practical application of learned pronunciations, words, and phrases. Role playing of real world situations will help you become comfortable with how to speak and travel in beautiful Italy! You will learn the Italian alphabet and pronunciations, first by using Italian words common in English, and then other important Italian words. Students will practice in small groups or pairs and role play the common traveler’s experiences you will have in Italy such as buying tickets and reserving seats for the train or bus; dining; shopping; and ordering expresso! Instructor: Joe Blaylock, EGUSD Instructor

20831.01 Mon Feb 24-March 30 6:30-8:30 pm EGACE, Rm 1 $119

Spanish Grammar and Conversation — Level I

This class provides you with a solid foundation for building conversational Spanish skills. Students will learn the fundamentals of communicating in Spanish, organized around everyday themes including meeting people, making plans, and talking on the phone. Students will work on essential communication skills; (such as asking a question or making comparisons), review of key grammar points; and written and verbal activities to reinforce new communication skills. This class will use technology via Prerequisites: Students should have successfully completed Spanish Basics Level I and II courses or have equivalent knowledge. Instructor: Ana Velasco De Negrete

20712.01 T/Th Feb 25-April 2 6:30-8:30 pm EGACE, Rm 2 $129

Required book: Communicating in Spanish Novice/Elementary Level, by Conrad J. Schmitt and Protase E. Woodford, ISBN: 0-07-056642-9. Available at

Spanish Grammar and Conversation — Level II

This class starts where the Level I class ends! Continue your journey building that strong foundation of grammar and practicing your Spanish with fellow students! You will continue to use and the book Communicating in Spanish Novice/Elementary Level. Instructor: Ana Velasco De Negrete

20714.01 T/Th April 14-May 21 6:30-8:30 pm EGACE, Rm 2 $129




20717.01 T/Th Feb 25-May 21 6:30-8:30 pm EGACE, Rm 2 $239

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