1. Great movie Julissa. I think the step’s where clear. Otherwise good job Julissa I really liked it

  2. I like your movie Julissa. I suggest that you make the pace slower. Anyway, this is an awesome movie Julissa!

  3. I think there is four step in the movie. I think that you should put more stuff in the desk.

  4. I really liked your characters they did a very good job . I think next time make sure you don’t hear little noises in the background. Overall it was a great movie keep up the great work can’t wait to see your next movie.

  5. Great job on the movie. I loved the way you showed us what your desk looked like before and after. I notice that it was a little choppy with the Dialogue but overall it was great . I also loved the way that the credits and title came out.

  6. Your movie was good. The gaps between the lines were too long. Overall the movie was good.

  7. Your steps was clear. You left out a step and you didn’t trim the part where your actor count to 3. But nice movie.

  8. Julissa I enjoyed your movie. I liked your movie because it was very accurate.

  9. One thing I could improve next time would be to include more steps. Also I need to delete some of the music at the end that is not necessary.

  10. You have a great movie Julissa. But when you high-five Metztli should have been the ending. Overall, great move.

  11. Good job julissa i liked your movie. You could of started off with first. But overall it was great.

  12. Great movie Julissa. I like how it was edited and where the music came in.

  13. Julissa you did a great job on your movie and you showed the steps to how to clean your desk and you did it sound like a robot.

  14. I liked the music. I think you could improve the pacing. Can’t wait for your
    next movie Julissa.

  15. Julissa your movie is great. The steps were clear but you need to add more steps if you need them. But your movie was still great. I cant wait to see your next movie.

  16. The movie was amazing but one improvement you can work on is the beginning because you just started off with the steps. Anyway good luck on your future movies Julissa.

  17. That movie julissa you made i think it was great but you add at the end that wouldent suppose to be there but that was ok

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