Anushka’s “How to Play Dodge Ball”

Anushka wrote and directed her movie. Lyndon was the director’s assistant. Mairyn, Lela, and Landyn were the actors.




  1. It was funny when the ball bounce onto his hand into his chin. When Lela say “yeah I know how to lay dodge ball.”

  2. Anushka you did a great job in your movie but you need to not sound like a robot, but your movie was great and keep the good work.

  3. Anushka your movie at the end there was no music put that in a next movie some time and put more scenes in your movie and great job with the movie how to play dogeball

  4. I love the topic of your movie, Dodgeball is a very hard game. I noticed that it was a little fast while they where talking but overall it was good. I loved the expression or was it real the actors where showing. Keep up the enthusiasm Anushka , don’t give up.

  5. I really liked your movie it was good. I think next time to make sure that the its not to small to read. But other than that is was a pretty good movie keep up the good work i can’t wait to see your next movie Anushaka

  6. Anushka I enjoyed watching your movie. Something you can change is the area. But still your movie was sucessful.

  7. Anushka you did a good job as a director. Can’t wait to see your next movie.

  8. The movie’s pacing to me was very great. One thing you can improve on is the location because i heard some noises in the background. Also the movie was very funny when Landon got hit in the face.

  9. Good Movie Anushka. If anyone needs help this can help them know how to play. Good Job Anushka I really enjoyed being part of your movie.

  10. This is great Anushka. I think Lela needs more expression though. I also liked it when Landyn got hit with the dodge ball!

  11. Your movie was a little funny. The part I liked was when Landyn got hit with the ball. HaHaHa!

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