Juan’s “How to Play Connect Four”

Juan wrote the script and directed the movie. Lyndon trained Juan to direct. Lyndon was also the director’s assistant. Landyn, Mairyn and Alexie were the actors.



  1. awesome i liked the part when lyndon snapped his fingers and someone came out.

  2. I liked the video because i don’t know how to fly a kite and it really helped me. Also, i liked the topic that was based on.

  3. thats a good one the camera was shaking a liitle. i think you guyswere awesome!! 0.o

  4. like the way you did your music and your actors are good. you did a good job

  5. I loved the background music . I noticed that it was a little fast but overall it was awesome ! I loved how the topic was it was teaching kids how to play a hard and thinking game. Keep up the good work .

  6. You did a great job in your movie, keep the good work and do more movies.

  7. I really liked your characters they did a very good job. Next time to make the director not to shake the camera. I also liked the topic it was great I can’t wait to see your next movie keep up the good work Juan.

  8. Good job juan i liked your movie. You could have made more challengen not easy. but i liked your movie.

  9. Juan helping you in your movie was a pleasure. One thing you should have fixed while editing is to have cut out the seconds before Alexi gasped. Overall your movie turned out great.

  10. When Landyn snap his finger Mairyn come out and says ” I can teach you how to play connect four.” Overall it was smooth.

  11. Juan i think you did a good job directing. Also i liked how Mairyn popped out of nowhere. Alexi, Mairyn ,and Landyn did a good job acting as well.

  12. Good movie Juan. I like the part where Landyn snaps his fingers and i pop out. This movie can help anyone. Good Job Juan

  13. The movie was very great. One thing you can improve on is your over the shoulder because Alexi was blocked for a moment. Also I really liked how Landon snapped his fingers and Mairyn popped up.

  14. This is great Juan. I liked it when Mairyn popped up in front of the screen. You also did a great job at directing Juan.

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