1. Your movie was a great first movie. The beginning should have been a little longer. Overall, great movie.

  2. I really liked your movie Metzli. I think that you need to get the light somewhere where the camera wouldn’t see it. Overall, this movie is amazing!

  3. I like when the actor said make bunny ears and put it in the hole. You could have made a double knot so the shoe laces won’t come off. I still like your movie.

  4. I really liked your characters. But also make sure they are not hesitating to remember there lines. But overall it was a wonderful movie I cant wait to see your next movie.

  5. It was bright I know it was not your fault but it was a good move over all

  6. The movie help me a lot because I don’t know how to tie my shoelaces. Overall the movie was good.

  7. Metztil I thought this movie was very good. One thing you should fix is the rustling noise you made when filming. Overall the movie was great.

  8. Metztli you did a great job in making your movie and you showed how to tie your shoe.

  9. I really like your movie. Because the actors were good. Also the pacing was good.

  10. Thank you for teaching me how to tie my shoes.overall it was a great movie.

  11. I really like your movie because you are teaching people how to tie their shoe, but you have to get the light out of the way. No matter what it was a good movie and good luck on your future movies.

  12. The actors where good and so was the music and the movie was perfect they where good in the movie

  13. Metztli you’re movie was good this could teach people how to tie there shoes I do it a different way. You’re pacing was great and you’re acting was great.

  14. Metztli your movie was great. Little kids can watch this video because they don’t know how to tie there shoe and now they can learn from here. Great movie cant wait to see your next one.

  15. The actors are good and the music to they did a great job making the movie

  16. Wow there was an other way . But the camera was a little wiggle when you faced it at your actor. I am amazed.

  17. The movie was great. I think the lighting was a bit dark. It was an amazing movie to watch.

  18. i liked it it was very good but i think you could have put one more way to tie your shos

  19. Metzli you did a great job on your movie about how to tie your shoe.Also, you need to work on the noise while turning the camera.But I think your movie will help a lot of kids.

  20. Very good I did not actually know how to tie my shoes (Sarcasm). I have zero criticism for you Metztli.

  21. I like how she said to make bunny ears but should fix the rusket noise while filming but the rest was good

  22. Very good I did not actually know how to tie my shoes (Sarcasm). I have zero criticism for you Metztli.

  23. Very good . I have not known how to tie my shoes for awhile now breathes out heavily. Note the sarcasm. zero criticism for you

  24. I really like your movie. It could have been help little kids to tie there shoes.

  25. I really liked your movie but, you could have shown kids more then one way to tie their shoes . This is still a good way to help littler kids learn how to tie their shoes .

  26. Great video! The actresses really had practiced the script perfectly! Good job.

  27. it was a good one when i was little of course, i didnt know how to tie my shoe in 2nd grade. good! 😀

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