Luis’ “Smoking is bad for you”

Luis wrote the script. Mikezja was the director. Zoe was the assistant to the director. Luis and Landyn were the actors.


A1 Smoking is very bad for you it can get you sick.
A1 If you smoke you can get hole in your throat.
A1 I think you should stop smoking in front of your kids.
A1 It is important for people to stop for there safety.
A1 Smoking is bad for people even if they are having a baby.
A1 A2 Smoking in front of your kids is bad for them they will get sick.



  1. Luis I liked your movie. The title was a little to long. the pacing was good.

  2. You did a good job by making a movie about smoking and keep the good work.

  3. This is great Luis. Maybe you should speak up louder. This is still a good movie though.

  4. Luis your movie can teach any one to stop smoking i think your movie was great keep up the good work

  5. It was a good way to try to stop smocking. It was kinda messed up because luis was wearing different clothes. All around I liked it.

  6. Nice job Luis. You should not cut off where you where about to say smoke. But it was good.

  7. Great movie, you did lot of effort on it. You shouldn’t move the camara if you are not moving anywhere. I really like your movie.

  8. Luis were you holding a fake smoke. I know that if you smoke to much your lungs turn black.

  9. I think you pout two clips of the same scene in their but it was a good film all together.

  10. Luis Making this movie really amused me a lot. Some things you should fix is to switch your camera position. I also think you should read me fluidly. Still your movie was very clear.

  11. Nice movie Luis. But you repeated the same thing twice. This was an okay movie.

  12. It was a really great movie, but you can improve on things like the title and clips. Overall it was a very great movie

  13. the music is good and so are the actors they where good it is a good movie

  14. Luis it was a great movie because almost my whole family smokes and i can show them this movie.

  15. Very god job luis i think u can get a hole in your body from smoking to much good job

  16. It was great thought the camera was movie around will the video.Great effort on it thought.

  17. Luis i liked when you were showing an example of you. good work.try to speak a little louder! *_*

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