1. This is great Graciela! One thing that I suggest is that maybe next time you need your actors to speak louder. Your movie was still great though!

  2. I like when your actors pop out from the bottom. You should have kept the pencil case somewhere else because I saw it on top of another desk. Great movie.

  3. Graciela the movie you make can help someone,s desk if it,s messy paper,s you don,t need any more it and good work with the movie

  4. I like how you just pop in. I think it was a little quit it could just be these headphones I am wearing.

  5. I really liked your characters they did a very good job. Next time you have to make sure your characters are speaking a little bit louder. But overall your movie was perfect keep up the great work i can’t wait to see your next movie.

  6. Graciela I enjoyed the movie you directed. The only thing you should fix is to tell your actors to speak louder. This movie was still a great accomplishment.

  7. I like the part when they organized. I always keep my stuff organized in my desk.

  8. I liked how your actors weren’t hesetent, but i couldnt hear what kalyee was saying. Overall it was a good movie

  9. The movie was good and perfect and so was the songs even the actors they where good in the movie.

  10. Graciela, I really liked your movie. You should have put the pencil in a different place because you can see it. Other than that I really liked your movie.

  11. thank you for teaching me how to clean my desk because my desk is very messy.

  12. It was a very great movie on how to clean a desk. One thing you can improve on is your actor’s voice cause it was kinda quiet. Anyway it was great and good luck on your future movies.

  13. I know what I have to fix. I need my actor to speak louder. I will get another movie done.

  14. I like your credits organized but should not say the actors twice the rest was good

  15. I think this movie will help students to understand to have a clean desk and be organized.

  16. I think this video would help me clean my desk
    THANKS for THIS VIDEO!!!! 😀

  17. you guys were good!!!!! you should have put more stuff like regular desk. +.+

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