Lyndon’s “How to Shoot a Basketball”

Lyndon wrote and directed his movie. Jeremy was the actor. Julissa was the director’s assistance.



  1. Lyndon i like your movie because it teaches my how to shoot a basketball and do it correctly. Thing that you could have done is when i hesitated you went to fast on it. Finally your is good after all.

  2. Lyndon, you did a good job. But, when editing, you shouldn’t have cut Jeremy’s voice off. Overall, it was a good movie.

  3. Great close-up on how to grip the basketball. And also I love how it was edited.

  4. I like how you made your movie. I think next time to make sure he is finished speaking before you cut it. I also really like how you picked a very good topic it’s very helpful i can’t wait to see your next movie.

  5. I really enjoyed watching this movie Lyndon you did a really good job directing the movie and Jeremy did a really good acting.

  6. Lyndon i really liked your movie. You made a good pace with it. Were all hopeing to see your next movie.

  7. Lyndon, you did good but. When you tell him to shoot tell him to dribble first. But you did do good at all your scene.

  8. I like the lighting I think the you could explain some more details the rest was great.

  9. Great movie Lyndon. And also good job Jeremy as acting and Julissa as AD.Keep making movies

  10. You did a really good job in your movie, and you did all the steps,and you piked a good actor keep the good work!!!.

  11. I like your short movie. You should have told Jeremy to do more basket ball shoots.The pace was great and I hope it was fun.

  12. Lyndon your movie was great it could teach me how to play and other people too. you should do a next movie on some thing else you’re good at or some thing you want to teach. Jeremy did a good job with his shot, he was a great actor to pick and Julissa was a great DA too.

  13. I really like how you taught people how to shot a basketball, but u could improve on some clips by making it more longer. I really like how the pace was done.

  14. Lyndon i like your movie it can teach anyone that they don,t know how to play basketball keep making more movies and good job with your movie

  15. Lyndon it is great but when you cut off Jeremy’s voice it didn’t sound good but it was a great movie for your first.

  16. It helps me because i DON’T know how to shoot a basket ball. But you cut off a word. I liked it though.

  17. Lyndon, you did good but when you tell him to shoot the basketball tell him to dribble first. Overall it a great movie.

  18. Lyndon, I really liked your movie. There was a scene that Jeremy’s voice got cut off and I think you should work on that. Also, your movie taught me how to shoot a basketball now.

  19. I Really like how your movie taught us how to dribble and the position to shoot. I noticed how you cut Jeremy off while he was still talking but overall I thought it was good . Keep up the good work , I truly liked how it was about basketball.I cant wait to see your next movie.

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