1.      Dogs are playful by playing fetch and chase. Playing with the dog is fun because we can play fetch. At the park, I threw a stick and my dog will bring the stick back to me. Dogs are also fun because they can chase us. Quickly, I run around and
    then the dog will chase me, it’s fun and it’s great exercise! Dogs are more playful than cats because we can play fetch and chase.

  2.     Cats are better pets than dogs because they poop and pee in one spot unlike dogs. This means they automatically do it. Also you don’t need to pick it up. When you don’t have to pick it up you can’t step on poop. As you can see cats are better because they are potty trained.

  3.     Dogs are better pets than cats because they could provide you protection. One way they could provide you protection is by alerting you at night. Dogs can alert you at night by waking you up if there is any danger. Dogs can also protect you if you are being attacked. If you are being attacked dogs can protect you with a bite. Dogs protecting you can make you feel safe.

  4.      I like dogs because you trian them. I like dogs because they are esier to trian then cats. Next, another resone is that you could give them a treat . if you train them good you could give him a treat . the last resone is that they will do tricks .If you tell them to do a trick they will do it. This is why i like dogs as a better pet.

  5.      Dogs are better then cats because you can train dogs but you can’t train cats. First of all, you can train dogs how to do tricks. To train my dog tricks makes my family and I happy. Secondly, you can train, or teach them how to go to the bathroom. Once they scratch on a door you can let them out. Those two reasons show why I like dogs better than cats.

  6.     Dogs can give you safety. First of all, dogs can bite a robber. This will hurt the intruder. Next, the dog will bark at the person who broke in. When the dog does this, it will scare the robber and also alert you. Dogs give more safety then cats.

  7.     My favorite pet is an cat because of their advantages. The first advantage that a cat has is their companionship. They can be left alone up to one whole day without being lonely! Additionally, cats also have another important advantage of their noise level. This advantage is important because it can leave niebors and friends to have a good night sleep or an peaceful time. The last advantage about them is that they don’t need to bee trained. Cats do not need to be trained to be good pets because they are ether scared of you or loyal to you when you met it. Even though cats do not need to be trained many can still make wonderful house pets. Cats can be better pets than dogs because of these advantages.

  8.      Dogs are smarter than cats because dogs understand the things you tell them to do. Dogs can be emotional. Using their eyes they can beg. Dogs know how to help people when that person is hurt that dog will try to find somebody to help you. Relying on dogs not cats dogs can sniff out your sent or they can help disable people. In conclusion dogs can save lives and are better than cats that shows cats that dogs are greater than cats.

  9.     I like dogs because you can teach a dog how to do tricks. One, thing we can teach a dog to do is how to roll over. You can tell the dog to roll over and give him a treat for doing it. Additionally, you can train a dog to catch their treat. You can throw the treat up in the air so that the dog can jump up and get it. These were some facts about how to teach a dog how to do tricks.

  10.      Dogs are better pets then cats because dogs can protect you and cats can not do the same exact thing. First, one way dogs can protect is by biting. If dogs ever bite burglars they would run off because the pain of the bite wold cause them to leave. Finally, barking would also protect you and keep you alert that someone is approaching your house. Barking would scare off intruders from your house. Dogs make great pets for example they can protect you and cats wouldn’t do the same thing.

  11.     Dogs will protect your house. A dog will warn for an intruder. They warn people in your household. Dogs sometimes bark at the door to tell you someone is there. If a dog barks and dose not stop then that means somethings wrong they will bite if it’s an intruder. Dogs will protect your house by barking or biting.

  12. My favorie pet is a dog. i like dogs becuase they are fast. i would like to have a dog. if i had a dog i would take care of it and play with it. we would play fetch i like dogs becuase they are cool and they like to play.

  13.      I like cats better than dogs because they can protect you and they can bit them. They can protect you by if a person trys to get in your house the dog will scare the person away and he will run away if he or her dosnt it will bit him or her. You should not keep your dog outside because if a person comes in the front door the dog will not get it or bit him or her.Also no body is scared of cats because they are small and a cat will not bit them as hard as a dog will.Then if you only have a cat a person will probaly rob you.You can get any dog to protect house i dont think you need to train a dog to protect your house.this is why i like a dog better than a cat because they can protect you.

  14.      If you exercise your dog they might get stronger. Walking your dog help their heart beat faster. Walking them twice a day they’ll be better at walking or running.

  15. Dogs are better than cats becouse dogs can protect you. If someone bad came in first they woud try to to wake you up or scare them away. Then they will bite you. That will hurt.Or scare them. They have incredeble hering . So they can here you. They have realy good noses. so they can smell you. So thats why I think dogs are better than cats.

  16.     Dogs give us protection. In additionly, the dogs bark because there is danger. The dog gives you a signal with its bark. It can scare the person away. Lastly, dogs will always protect you if there’s danger around you.

  17.      If you exercise your dog they might get stronger.Walking your dog help their heart beat faster. Walking them twice a day they’ll be better at walking or running. Playing with your dog is fun because they chase you around until you get tierd. Sometime your dog jumps up and down when they see you because they want to play with you. Due to dogs, dog get exercise to not get weak.

  18.     Dogs can keep you healthy. dogs can keep you healthy by keeping you active. they keep you active because you half to walk them,play INCOMPLETE

  19. First of all,dogs become more healthy. Dog need their daily exercise. For example the owner get more exercise when you take the dog on the daily exercise.

  20.     Dogs can keep you healthy. Dogs can keep you healthy by keeping you active. They keep you active because you half to walk them,play with them,and take them to the park. Also tests show that people with dogs are healthier than people without dog. Dogs keep you healthier.

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