1.          Becoming healthier is better. I think one ways that you can become healthy in school is by playing more. To be playing more is good because you are basically running and getting more exercise. If you are getting more exercise you are getting more healthier and more energy. Another thing you could do is run track and field. Roughly running track is bad, but if it’s smooth for you challenge yourself by running even more. playing sports is actually good for you as well . Have you played sports? do you play sports? If you don’t you really should because it keeps you active and staying fit. It helps with strength like playing basketball helps with lower and upper body strength. And then football and rugby help with lower body strength. Getting ready to be healthier means you are going to become better.

  2.     Student getting healthier at school is awsome! How they get healthier is eating more healthy. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables like carrots, salads, peaches and others is good for your body. They also exersise to be more fit. The students including me run to keep the body moving. They also play sports like basketball,soccor,baseball,and football. How do you get healthier at school?

  3.          How can students become more healthier. Students can become healthier by not eating junkfood. Sugary refreshments and sweets should be probably banned from school. Another reason on how students need to be healthy is to eat more healthier. Eating more vegtables and less sweets are healthy. Why should students become more healthier?

  4.     Getting fit sis good for kids. It is critical we get more physical exercise. One way we can get exercise n school is with longer recess. With a longer recess we can have more time to exercise. If we have more recess it will help get us kids fit. Another way is to do P.E. with your teacher. By playing sports like dodgeball when the weather is not to hot. We could be getting fit by doing something fun. It is important to stay healthy.

  5.     How to keep kids healthy. How to keep your kid healthy is to make them exercise more. And dont give them junk food. Also don’t give them soda or other things with sugar. Do more p.e. at school. And drink water and soda. Also at lunch give the kids healthy fruits and veg. Being healthy is good.

  6.     How can students become healthy at school?One way us students can become healthy is by eating healthy food. Eating junk food just makes us less healthy but if we eat better food than we will become healthy. The other way for making us kids healthy is by also letting us have more recess. If we have more recess then we will be able to have more fun but also make our bodys move more often and it helps our body t become more healthy. I don’t know what whould you want,to be healthy or be a person ho sits down all day eating junk food or not?

  7.         I belive that every one should be healthier. Being healthier you’ll only need two simple steps. One step is having a healthier lunch. By eating healthier your muscles will build more than fat.The second thing is working out. We need at least get one hour of


  8.         Start getting healthier at school today. One way is through exercise. Play sports like basketball to burn down on calories.


  9.     At school, students have a few things to help them be more healthy.The school would serve healthy foods to students.Fruits and vegetables are some of the things that provides us with nutrients and vitamins.Vitamins from the fruits and vegetables keeps our body strong and healthy.Another thing that helps students stay healthy at school is gym class or P.E. and recess.In gym class, your body is moving a lot and is staying fit, the something with recess.Schools have some ways to be healthy and fit.

  10.     How can kid become or stay healthier at school? One way of becoming healthier is by eating healthy. By eating healthy is to have a limit on calories, fat, sugar, and sodium. Another way is to have physical activities. To have more physical activities is to not let teachers cutting away recess. Teacher can let students have more time on playing a sport or running and they can also encourage students to do exercises at home.

  11.         To be students that needs to be healthy at school. Being outside of school doing p.e classes.To be students by doing exercise by at least a hour in school. By not eating junck food or sweet food .That is not healthy for the students. Learning about the passage is important that teaches students to be healthy.

  12.     kids can get up and get active and do the fun stuff that you want to do to stay healthy all the time. This is the way to stay active soccor, basketball, football, tennis. this is the stuff you should do push ups, crul ups.Eating healthy is good too. You should eat apples.And banannas.Gym helps you get in shape in eveyday

  13.     How can kids stay healthy at school? Well there are a a lot of ways. One way is to exercise daily. Another way is to drink lots of water. Playing a sport may also help. Also eat salads, fruits, and vegetables. Decrease the amount of junk food you eat and drink. Reduce the amount of ketchup and salt you eat because that is bad for you. Reduce the amount food you eat because you will gain some weight. What do you think will help kids stay healthy in schools.

  14.     There are many ways students can become healthier. One way to become healthier is more exercise. Students should be more active during recess and have more P.E. Students should not eat any junk food. For example: sugary sodas, flavored chips or candy are things students should not eat. Students should also eat healthier. Instead of greasier foods like pizza, eat things that don’t have as much grease like salad. Being healthy is very important.

  15.      Healthy students get healthy. By eating healthy foods are carrots, bananas, apples, and oranges. As junk food can provide sugars, fat and sodium in candy or soda. Also sleeping early in the night time instead of 11:30 on a school day instead sleep at 8:00 or 9:30 to wake up early. Instead of playing video games at school which is not allowed play something that doesn’t get involved into of hurting any student’s. Like basketball or also soccer running on the track is fine just before you run make sure you have enough energy to run. Even while class has started and a student has took a snack, instead of eating it in class eat it when your at lunch.

  16.         Fit teens are healthy. One way to stay fit is to eat healthier. If you don’t eat healthy you can get obesity. To eat healthier they should ban sugary drinks at school. Another way to stay fit is to do physical activity. Exercise is one way to stay fit. More physical activity will get you better grades. Staying fit will keep you health.

  17.          This is how students can be more healthy at school. First you should eat apples at school. Then you should eat a banana. Don’t bring chips everyday it’s not healthy. Also don’t bring cookies to school. And don’t eat burritos allot. And that is how you get healthy.

  18.         How fit are young teens at school. How often do you exercise at school? At school I exercise every time we do P.E and when I run around at recess when I’m at my baseball games I exercise by warming up before the game throwing the ball and hitting. Another thing you can do to get healthy at school. You can eat healthy at lunch at lunch I eat lots of fruits as in nectarines. For breakfast I eat honey nut cheerios or bagels they both have whole grains in it. I love to stay fit at home and school.

  19.         How can kids become healthier at school? One way is we can excersize more. One out of four U.S met their limit in weight. Also excersize at least an hour or more in gym class. Eat better food. For at school activities unhealthy foods and drinks are not being aloud. Mrs Michelle Obama’s Lets Move campaign is having schools get healthier cafeteria lunches. Kids can become healthier at school.

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