1. who i
    what went fishing
    when in the morning
    where at the lake
    why cause we were bored.

  2. Who:I
    What:Got ready for school
    Where:At my house
    Why:Because i have to come to school

    What:went shopping
    Where:At the mall
    Why:Because we want clothes 🙂

  3. Who: I
    What:went swimming
    When:yesturday afternoon
    Where:at James Rutter swimming pool
    Why:because it was hot

  4. Who-What-Where-When-Why
    My mother
    At My House
    Because She Likes To

  5. Who: are you
    What: reggie fool
    When: did I meet you
    Where: at the basketball practice
    Why: did I talk to you

  6. Who: I
    What: playing with friend
    When: yesterday
    Where: at the park
    Why: it’s fun

    Who: going swimming
    What: hang out with friend
    When: 2 week ago
    Where: at my aunt house
    Why: to have fun

  7. Who:I
    What:went to eat icecream
    When:after school
    Where:at baskin robin
    Why:because i wanted to

  8. Who: Me and my friends
    What: play four-square
    When: during recess
    Where: out on the blacktop
    Why: because we enjoy it.

  9. Who: I
    What: wake up
    When: at 7:00am
    Where: in my bed
    Why: to get ready for school

  10. Who me my breather What the computer When today in the morning Where in my room Why because we fell like it.

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