1. Courtney you have really good expression
    Is this all really from your research
    Good editing Courtney

  2. The music was great, it was appropriate to the job you want to do in the future.
    The editing was also good, there wasn’t any long pauses between scenes.

  3. Great acting Courtney, you have a lot of expression when you say your lines.
    Great job remembering your lines!

  4. HI my name is COURTNEY and i want to be a veterinarian you will treat animals and keep them healthy.STEP1: you have to have a doctors of veterinarians degree.STEP2: you mostly have to show that you really want this job.STEP3: you have to have a doctors degree. STEP4: remember you have one year in training unless they let you go earlyer.STEP5: always have a smile.:)

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