1.     It’s important to have the Students versus Teachers basketball game because students have excersize, fun, and they learn a lesson. One reason of why the Students versus Teachers game was important was because it gave both teachers and students excersize. Teachers and students keep their body in a healthy shape. A second reason is because teachers and students have fun. They become competitive and happier. Finally, the basketball game was important because the students learned a lesson. They learned to never give up and keep on trying. Excersizing, having fun, and learning a lesson is why the game was important.

  2. It is important to play basketball so you can be healthier,have exercise and be better at playing basketball. If you play basketball you can be healthier. So you won’t have any more problems. When you play basketball you can have exercise. So your body will be healthy. You can also get better at playing basketball. Then you can play other people and you can win. It is good to play basketball because you can hep your body.

  3. Its important for teacher to v.s student because student could have a chance to beat teacher and its fun to see student and teacher play basketball. Student have chance to beat teacher. Student would be happy that they beat teacher and having the expert in basketball. It’s fun to see student to see teacher play basketball. Student could win or teacher could win. Teacher v.s student in basketball is fun.

  4. It’s important to have student vs. teacher basketball game because it’s healthy for people. It is good for you also because you need exercise. Also, it is important because it is a way of having fun and enjoy the game. Lastly, because they can be energized and very playful and you also can get better by practicing and last but not least eat healthy after playing.

  5. It’s important to have a basketball game every year to show to never give up, to get some exercise, and to show our school spirit. My first reason is to show to never give up. If we have student that give up it means that they’re quitters and if they don’t try, them they’ll never have a chance to succeed. Secondly, you have exorcise to be healthier. You don’t exercise you’ll become over weight and sooner or later you not going to be happy with yourself. You’ll just be sitting there watching T.V all day long. Finally, you have too ti show you school spirit. If you don’t show you school spirit or if there isn’t any games or rallies it’s going to be a lamp school nobody would want to come to. Trust me. To not be a quitter, to play more sports and to become healthier, and to show your school spirit is important here at David Reese Elementary!DREAM IT BELIVE IT ACHEVE IT THE CHOCI IS YOURS!

  6.     It’s important to have student vs. teacher basketball game so the people playing will exersise and kids and teachers can interact with friends. To the adults and kids playing, exersise is important. To both kids and adults exersise helps them be healthier. Kids and teachers can interact with each other. People can talk to friends or/and show their school spirit. Exersising and interacting with friends is why it’s important to have the student versus teacher basketball game.

  7. Its Important to have a basketball game. This game is important to have. Its important to have so students can enjoy and have fun. If we don’t have spirt rally won’t be fun. Students won’t go to David Reese often. I think having a basketball game or other spirt rally are important.

  8. It is important to have this basketball game because maybe next time we will beat the teachers.Well because maybe one day we can stand up to the teachers.And also maybe if we keep on winning the teachers will be amazed and it will be truely my dream.And also we the students keeo on progressing and the students will win.Now if there were no games it will be boaring.And if we did not win we will come back with revenge.It is so important for that game because it will be so sad to see the teachers win it will be so sad the students and say you did a great job.

  9. Its important to have the 6grader vs teachers because student have
    exercise fun and learn a lesson.
    One reason why the game is important because its easy exercise
    and fun if they exercise they are healthy .
    A another reason is they have fun because if we did not have the this
    game David Reese will be boring.

  10. It’s important to have this teacher v.s student basketball game because, it gives you exercise, and every year students get a chance to play. One of the reasons why having the basketball game is important is because, while your playing, it also gives you exercise. To exercise is important because,


  11. We should have this basketball game. So the student could have fun cheering people on. And the student could support the teacher and teacher could support the student. We can have fun starting waves. When the music come on we can dance around. That why we should have basketball games

  12. Having a spirit rally is important because you kinda get excirsice and you have fun.Having a spirit rally is fun for people.A spirt rally is fun for me and for other students.And a spirit rally lets teachers have fun too.Even though the spirit rally is mostly for the students to have fun but the teachers have a little fun too.Thats why its important to have a spirit rally for both the students and the teachers to have fun.

  13. It important for student and teacher that we can enjoy ourselves and have fun. We can have fun with the music. Mr. Alfonso does music so he put fun stuff so we can have fun. We can have fun while they play basketball. We can have fun while we watch the game when people are telling us to do the wave. We can enjoy ourself while we sitting to watch the game. We can enjoy ourself even though we are not. It really important to have fun and if we did`nt have any fun it will be boring.

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