1. This is a Kerian
    A Kerian lives in a cool crazy couch in Korea
    A Kerian eats candy crunch with koolaid constantly
    A Kerian likes listening to k-pop while catching crazy kilgore near a carrot farm
    A Kerian catches crazy cookies

  2. This is a regian.
    A regian lives in united state.
    A regian eats fish sandwhich.
    A regian likes video games.
    A regian is red sharp white teeth huge 7.0 21 years old.

  3. A angry alligator ate
    B blue ball bounce
    C cute cat challenging
    D dangerous donkey dance
    E enourmouse elephant ear
    F fat fan flew
    G good gardens grow
    H here hailed hard
    I iced igloo imagined
    J jerry jackrabbit jump
    K karate kid kicks
    L leo lion licks
    M many monkeys moves
    N no narrator noted
    O one opossum organizing
    P party people play
    Q quack quit quilting
    R red road rise
    S show scary sickness
    T talented tigers talk
    U unbroken umbrella unhooked
    V version vision vs
    W wardrobe witch walks
    X extra example excited
    Y yellow yolks yell
    Z zero zebra zip

  4. Angry Animals Attack
    Blue Blanket Burned
    Color Camera Copied
    Dizzy Dinousar Danced
    Emotional Eric Entered
    Fat Fuan Fastened
    Great Guy Gave
    Husky Huskies Howled
    Intellegent Insects Interacted
    Juicy Jolly Rancher Jumped
    Creepy Kaleb Came
    Looney Lion Licked
    Mid Manners Makes
    Noisy Nose Nodded
    Old Oscar Offered
    Poor Pig Picked
    Quiet Quill Quacked
    Rich Richard Raked
    Soft Soccerball Saved
    Talented Tigers Talk
    Under Us Untouched
    Valuable Vacuum Vacuumed
    Woeful William Worked
    Excited Examiner Experimented
    Yellow Yak Yawned
    Zonal Zombie Ziped

  5. A Angry Avery Attacks
    B Big Boy Bored
    C Closed City Cracked
    D Digging Dog Dives
    E Energized Elephant Educated
    F Fat Frog Flops
    G Great Gini Gave up
    H Heavy Hippo Hugs
    I Invy Invesigator is a issue
    J Jumping Jenny Jealous
    K Kidnap Kitten Kisses
    L Little Ladybug Lame
    M Mini Macaw Mocks
    N Noisy Nose New
    O Original Octupus Obeyed
    P Parking Panda Panicted
    Q Quiet Quail Quits
    R Ragady Rat Rode
    S Sneaky Snake Snaps
    T Tinkering Tambourine Taps
    U Under Umpire umperer
    V Vicious Velvet Vampire
    W Waiting Waitress Wild
    X Xtra Xray Xnon
    Y Yanning Yak Yarns
    Z Zero Zebra Zaps

  6. This is a Hilarious.
    A Hilarious lives in a backyard.
    A Hilarious eats a lots of laugh.
    A Hilarious likes laughing all day and never stop.
    A Hilarious dreams of a girlfriend name LOL.
    A Hilarious wants no one to stop laughing.

  7. This is a leian
    A leian lives in las vegas
    A leian eats leaves and lizzards
    A leian likes to leap and lung
    A leian loves lateah
    a leian licks lollypops

  8. This is Garry.
    Garry lives in a gray,green,grass,garden
    Garry eats good,gold,green,grass
    Garry likes giggling,grass,gold,garden
    Garry is great,not guilty,greenish and gold
    Garry brings me grass, green plant

  9. A angry alligator ate
    B blue boat bounce
    C cute cat challenging
    D disney dancer did
    E enormous elephant eat
    F fat fan flew
    G good garden grow
    H horribly horse hood
    I ice bound ice boat imagined
    J jerry jack rabbit jump
    K karate kid kicks
    L leo lion lick
    M many monkey move
    N noisy nose new
    O one opossum outside
    P party people play
    Q quite quill quacked
    R red rose rise
    S sneaky snake snap
    T talent tiger talk
    U under umpire umper
    V version vison vs
    W wear witch wardrobe
    X extra example excited
    Y yello yolks yell
    Z zero zebra zip

  10. Adorable apples ate.
    Busy balls bounce.
    Crazy cats crawl.
    Dizzy daisies dance.
    Extradoriany eggs eat.
    Furious farmers fart.
    Great gremblins growl.
    Hairy hogs hop.
    Interesting insects instruct.
    Jumpy jam jiggles.
    Knowledgeable knees kiss.
    Lame lambs laid.
    Mysterious martians mash.
    Noisy noses knew.
    Obedient oxes ofend.
    Picky parrots pop.
    Questionable quails quack.
    Rambunctious rabbits run.
    Sassy sand sinks.
    Thoughtful tornadoes thrown.
    Unsatisfied universes unify.
    Vicious vacuums verify.
    Weak water washes.
    Xenophobic xylophone x-rays.
    Yellow yetis yawn.
    Zealous zuchini zaps.

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