1. Alan’s my name
    Likes to read
    Alan goes to David Reese
    Nice to everyone

    Isn’t greedy
    Rich in friendship
    Enjoys playing sports
    Likes to do math
    Entertains friends when they’re feeling blue
    Smart in all subjects in school

  2. Swimming
    With strokes
    Im tired
    Many strokes
    My coach
    It is cold
    Need to take a break
    Get out and swim!

    On focus
    On the team
    Long pool!

  3. Talk’s in talent shows
    A lot of people will be there
    Let the know who you really are
    Eat after the show
    No don’t be shy
    Tell them who you are
    Show your best
    Have to have talent
    Over in the cafeteria singing
    Watch the audience cheer.

  4. Loves nature
    Active when outside
    Tolerant when something is annoying
    Enthusiastic about learning
    Awsome in spelling
    Happy all the time

    Kind to everyone
    Nifty at shopping
    Inquisitive at everything
    Good looking
    Hyper when eating candy
    Timing when singing

  5. Swimming is fun
    Wimpy people don’t go swimming
    I love to go swim
    My favorite to do is swim
    I go swimming why don’t you
    Now is the time to go swimming with my friend
    Gee swimming was FUN

    Pizza is my dinner for today YES
    I eat pizza with my friends
    Zzz I am tired from all that pizza
    Zzz (wake up) pizza time again
    A piece of pizza is the best

  6. Find me on the tree
    excited to joy to play outside
    running from my brother
    not allowed to play fight with my brother
    a bee tried to sting me
    need to go swimming
    did a back flip on the grass
    oh thats cool
    cool lion looks nice
    oh now i can ride a skateboard
    one thing i play is soccer
    lions can kill you.

  7. Dinosaur lover
    Always a great student
    Video games are fun
    Iam from jamaica
    South africa is so awesome .

  8. Swimming will rock forever
    with my friends at the pool
    it will be fun swimming for life
    my mom will support me forever
    my family helps me get better
    i will be racing people
    never stop swimming
    got to practice more to get faster
    Rocking out in the park
    outgoing and rocking
    chilling at the concert
    kicking and rocking out
    indoors and still rocking out
    never have a adittude at a concert
    great entertainment
    Outside and playing
    under the park
    the park is huge

  9. Be my cousin
    Eat my cousin
    Cousin has to go home
    A my cousin is staying agin
    Use my cousin for money
    Sue my cousin for hitting me
    Eletric shock my cousin

    Fat head scored
    Ouch fat head got ran over
    Oops I tired his shoes together
    Touchdown for fat head
    Beat the team by 2 touchdowns
    Aww they’re chasing us
    Leauge champions
    Llittle kids trying to get our autograph

  10. Swimming time
    With cousin
    It’s cold
    My cousin swimming with me
    Many stroke
    It’s fun to sim
    Need a break
    get out and swim

    Day time
    At aunt’s house swimming
    You could have fun

  11. Music player
    Always watching anime
    Ready to do whatever
    Crazy all the time
    Happy most of the time
    Younger than everyone else

    Pleasant to be around
    Animated in everything I do
    Run fast away
    Determined to get to my goal
    Energetic everday
    Dangerously strong
    Excited to do everything

  12. Sweet and sour
    Tasty and nasty
    Rotten… well sometimes
    And always enjoy
    Want to eat it everyday
    But don’t have the money to buy it sometimes
    Every time I have some my cousin always steals them
    Even with chocolate on them next time should put something nasty NOT!
    Return my strawberries they’re mine!
    Yummy Yummy! she returned them

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