1. When I was Off Track I Went To Six Flags! We Went on all sorts Of Rides. I went on this one ride where it goes Really Fast! First, It Speeds up Forward. Then it Speeds Backwards but it brings you up. It does the same until the Ride Was Over. Then We Went To Roar. It was Really Fast Long and it goes straight Down. I really hated the ones That make you go up and then drops you down. This One Ride Sent us in the air. It was Called Sky-Screamer It was like a swing, but it goes in circles. Plus It brings us high In the Air. It was Scary.

  2. While we were off track we went to Six Flag. We went to Six Flags because we wanted to have fun and my mom haven’t been to Six Flags. Me and my brother went on lots of scary rides. We also played games. I won a lot of stuff animals from the games we played. We also went on a elephant. After that we ate hot dogs then we went to go see animals. Their was a lot of animals. My favorite animal is dolphin and penguins. When we were done we played some more games then we left. I was very tired so i slept in the car.

  3. On my vacation I got a “small job” at the library. I helped M.Rios put books back. I “worked” Tuesday to Thursday from 9:00 to 1:00. Thats 4 hours long! And thats how many hours I earned each day for NEHS. My sister Samantha also helped out at the library but she didn’t do it for sevice sevic hours. Sometimes t the library there would bea lot of books in the cart to put back so theres no time for cillaxing. But then other times it would be absolutly emty so we could just relax or find a book to read. When Mrs. Shaw was there to deliver Go Math books to teachers we would help her if there wasn’t anything to do or if she just needed the help. I enjoyed my vacation time at the library.

  4. The one thing i did while off track was my swimming. I did swimming only because it my favorite sport. I do swimming because i want to go to the olympic for swimming. I always dreamed of going to the olympic since i was 5 years old. that when i became fast and met my friends there. Sometimes i beat the older kid and i feel proud. and on June 1 that my first swim meet and we are going against Del Paso. I can`t wait to beat them. They always beat us. And that what i did when i was offtrack.

  5. This mouth I’ve been riding the bus, got a new car, and my sister graduates and I had a birthday so ya .Also, I gift to go home early today.Even though its Friday Its cool…Nope Its really weird.So thats going to be fun today.I’m have to go to cheer for her.she going to be so happy when she sees her cake and were going out to eat.Most of the time my mom shouts allot .So ,now i have to graduate in 2019.Ha ha ha ha ha or 18?

  6.     One thing I did while I was off track was help my sister move out. She was moving into a studio with her boyfriend. We packed all her belongings such as her laptop, clothes, and books. She was sharing the studio with other people. Since she had a limited amount of space she left a few things home. I knew that we wouldn’t see her often so we decided to go online and video call another. It was great because we could see and hear each other. Helping my sister move out is one thing I did while I was off track.

  7.      I did a lot of things while off track but roller skating was what I liked the most. On a Sunday we went to King Skate but we had to wait because there was a party going on after that it was our turn. Even though I started out slow and clumsy (after all the last time I skated was a year ago) i got faster and didn’t fall as much but I still wasn’t graceful but was still okay. Everything was going fine until a teenage girl caught up to me and I knew we were going to collide so I was starting to go left but instead her friend crashed with me and knocked me down it was painful but I got up quickly and sat down. The rest of the time my sister and I played games and got tickets, I think I wasted around $20. Although we got around 300 tickets we could only get a chinese finger trap and a small red doll. The only thing we ate was pizza and ice cream. Going skating was what I most liked doing during off track.

  8. What i did while i was off-track.What i did is we went to Santa Crutz. Me my two brothers Johnny and Tyler, mom, dad, and grandpa.Tyler and me was bursting too get out of the car and too go on the rides! We went to the beach first my brothers were trying too make a sandcastle.I was go deep in the beach.After the beach we got on the rides my older brother dare me too go one ride that makes you dizzy.I went on the ride that my brother told me too and after the i almost fell on my back.Everyone was laughing.We had a blast!

  9. When i was off track my family and I went to the lake. We went to the to swim and fish. When we were at the lake we snack on chip and candy. My family had fun at the lake and it was fun catching fish. Swimming at the lake with my cousin was really fun because we were throwing rocks. At the lake my family and I were taking pictures. When my family was done taking picture at the lake we were looking at the pictures. When my family was done taking picture we went home.

  10. While I was off track my cousin slept over at my house. We had lots of fun together . There was a party at my house. There were lot of people and food. After the party ended we went to to aunts house, there were lots of people there. It was really fun! There were more food but I was to full to eat anymore. Lastly we went home and went to bed.

  11. yesterday,we went to the zoo with our family and we went in the zoo of reptiles my little sister was surprise when she saw all the snake,frog,alligater,and even a lizards.and it was fun and we went outside of the reptile room so we saw a famlingo it was cool. and we saw a bird with a long beck. and we saw a parrot and a road runner. and i saw two lion figthing it was cool. and my brother saw a monkey climbing a long tree and he says that the monkey is good at climbing things. and i saw a giraffe with a long neck and it was eating leafs from the tree. and i saw two turtle on the dirt where the giraffe are. and i saw a snow lepourd trying to bite us but it was in a cage the end.

  12. &nssp;   I went to the fair with my aunt and my mom.We have so “FUN” we ride lot’s of rides.Exept my mom she was scared of some rides in the fair well she onlie went in 4 rides. Me and my aunt we went in all the rides. My favorite one is the trompo me and my aunt got in that one like 6 times cause i love that ride is so fun.You can lay down in that one and you are like stick in that ride.When we finish we went to ate so I wanted a Hummburger with some fryes. I ask my mom if I can get a raimbow icecream and she said yes it was so good.Then we where leaving and I said please mom can i get in 5 more rides she said yes and I chose my favorites one so when I finish she said is time to lev and on are way out the fair I see one of my favorites singers in speanish and my mom said do you want to stay more time and i was like yes. I was taken videos and photos to remmember that day that we went to the fair and that we had so fun!!!

  13. one thing I did while off-track is go to my antys house that is in fresno.It was a 3 hour drive.when we got there i played with the with the wii while all the people came to the party.the reason we went to fresno was beacuse of the party. my anyt was turnning 7 and she has to be the oldest but i am the oldest.Her name is jenifer but we call her the party there was tocos for lunch and for disert we had cake and jello.Going to my antys houes at fresno was one thing i did while off-track.

  14. While we were off-track I went to my cousin’s graduation. At Sleep Train Arena is where it took place. The whole place was huge. During the graduation we held up letters of her whole name. One part I liked was when they introduce people that work in the district for example: Ms. Avery’s bosses. At the we rushed to see my cousin lily and congratulate her. Also we took picture with her. In conclusion during my time off I saw my cousin Lily’s graduation.

  15. During the break I went skating with few people from my dads side I had fun because I saw poeple that I never seen befor and finally I got meet them and saw litte gair skating and fell pretty hard shr skated to the side

  16. What did i do while i was off-track well i went to my grandma house and me and my mom stayed 3 nights and i fell asleep and i slept until my scousin came with her baby.After i found out my mom was going somewhere. Then my mom said i will be back.But after he was crying. Often and i took care of him .Then we really enjoyed myself. When they came back we were sleep. And ate chicken too and pasta it was so good it was nice and crispy and falling off the bone. We are going today going to see the A’s too. Sorry but tomorrow.

  17. L went to my cusens hous. Then we went to the jumpe hous we plaed lats of games. Then we went ot eat wen l was don we went insied the hous we went back to play games. Then we went back to

  18. I went to the Golden great Bridge with my dad and my brother.Then we got out of the car and walk around the Golden great Bridge on the left side we salll the ocean walking on the left side of the Golden great Bridge.Then my dad took a picture of my brother and me with the Golden great Bridge.I forgot a jacket to the Golden great Bridge it was a little wind over there. The Golden great Bridge was a great places to visit with my dad and brother.

  19. One thing I did while being off track is. I went to my cousin house played black ops. Played all night long but he don’t get tired. I just go to sleep on him most of the time. And wake up in the morning and play with him. Every day he been trying to unlock gold for his weapons. He a game head that what everyone call him so I just go with it. I been over at his house for weeks so I can’t go back over there no more

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