Getting Ready for the CST – 2013

We’re at it again. This one was more on the “fun” side since 2011 was more a parody of zombies and 2010 was your action/adventure spoof.



  1. Rudy, you have done it again. Paul and I were rolling with laughter as we watched it in my office. You definitley have a calling! Thanks-you for inspiring us all to do our best!

  2. Rudy and Students,

    Wow! I can’t wait to share this wonderful video. Not only are you offering students important advice for test taking, but you’ve also done an incredible job of modeling what “parody” looks like. I’ll definitely be sharing your video in some upcoming workshops I’m doing on copyright and fair use.


    • I hope didn’t break any copyright laws! Thanks for the encouragement Ms. Desler! I’ll pass it on to my students!

  3. Rudy, your movies are better and bettter every time. Please share with everyone!

  4. To the remarkable students and teacher who created this awesome movie ~ wow! Great job!
    I’m a middle school teacher in Salinas, CA (about 200 miles from you guys), and I will share this video with my students. You guys rocked it, just like I’m sure you’ll rock the CSTs!

    Natalie Bernasconi, La Paz Middle School

  5. I enjoyed your new movie for the CST’s is very awesome and funny.

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