1. The movie was great. I liked how someone threw the backpack to her. They used great acting.

  2. Your movie was great I liked the part when they where holding on to each other and walking around liked wierdos.

  3. Wow! It was great Diana. Its really funny when 3 of them fall down. Well, bye Diana.

    • Thanks Emily. And we all miss you so much. I hope your having a good time.Guess what ,WE WON A SEVA AT THE SEVAS!

  4. Diana it was really funny when you said “well to you it’s the answers to your prayers.” It was really funny ,it’s the best commercial I seen including Rachel’s.

  5. I liked your movie, it was pretty funny. My favorite line was when you said “…to you it’s the answer to your prayers”. I really enjoyed it when someone threw the backpack to you.

  6. Alright, youre movie was plain hilarious because of the expresion and the atitude. But why did the girls run into Benjamen?

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