A Memorable Gift…

Write an informational piece about ONE toy or ONE gift that has been special to you. Describe your toy of gift clearly to your reads. Explain why it has been such a special toy or gift to you. Help your readers learn new things about this toy or gift by using lots of details. Be sure to include specific information about your toy or gift.



    It was Christmas morning 2009, I was opening my last gift. Suddenly,I had the shock of my life. Time seemed to stand still in the moment that morning. I felt as if I was about to faint from excitment.I t Ihought I was under a hypnotic trans.

    And Then, the last shred of paper was blocking the logo. I felt like the luckiest child on EARTH. Suddenly I thought I was dreaming seeing this beautful sight. It was a a…PS3!! I had opened the cardboard box and then I pulled out the bubble wrap.

    It was a couple of hours before I could play it. It was like smooth black sand. When it started it sounded like a simphoney of gears and computers. I played for one hour and finally, I had the best Christmas ever that I will never forget.

  2. On the 5th day of school.When I came home .I saw a kitty in my room. My mom said her name is Marry.When she is hungry I give her warm milk .The color of the kitty is orange and white. A nick name for my kitty is sally.


  3. A gift,I was laying in bed when suddenly,I heard my sister pullup in her car. I rushed out of my room avoiding my dog Beau as I ran down the hall almost tripping on the floor. Quickly, I rembered it was Christmas

  4. Drip! Drip! Drip! I’m home! yelled my dad. Sitting in the livingroom, my dad came to me and told that he got me something. I couldn’t hear a little bit because the rain was crying. H e gave me a box that was wrapped in wrapping paper. Just then, my two brothers got jealous because4 they didn’t get a present.

    Meanwhile, I opened the present and it was an ipod. When I first touched it, the ipod felt as smooth as a table that has just been polished. Suddenly, I pressed a button and the screen glowed in my face. The color was black like the sky at night. When it shined in my face, I stared at it for a long time.

    My dad asked me if I liked it and I said, ” of course.” He wanted to get it for me because he forgot my birthday. I never thought that he would get this for me. My brother downloads songs for me and I listen to it every single day. He would always say, ” Get out of my room!” He would say that because I will always ask him to download songs for me.

    This ipod remindes me of my grandpa because I got it after he past away. Everytime I look at it, I never forgot him. My brother always ask me if he could have it and I say, ” No!” It always remindes me of him. Every moment at my grandma’s house was sad.

  5. “But mommy I have to have her! Please!” I said
    “Maybe I said maybe!” said my mom

    I have always wanted an American Girl Doll. I’ve been asking everyone for one of the many dolls. But I liked a specific doll. Her name was Josefina Montoya. Happily I’d look through the catalogue every day.

    Finally on Christmas I woke up after a wonderful dream. I put my hair in a ponytail and run to the living room. After I had opened most of my presents, I went to the one shaped like the box of the doll. First I poked a hole in the rapping paper. Then I tore from there.

    Right then and there she was starring at me I could’t resist opening it. She looked exactly like in the catalogue. It was as if I was her.

    She was dressed in a blouse and a red skirt. On her feet were moccasins. Her hair was in a braid with a rubber band and a flower. I squealed so loud I could scare away a mouse.
    However I still have her, every day she waits for me.

  6. Title~Ball Of fur

    As soon as I woke up I had a strange feeling that today was a special day. Immediatly my eyes looked as happy as ever It’s my Birthday!!! I ran as fast as a cheetha and left skid marks on the floor because I was so enthusiastic.

    My heart was pounding so hard that I could hear it. Beyond the hall I heard my parents talking happily about my birthday party. By four O’clock my whole family was so excited for what I got. I opened four presents. when I finally got to my dads gift. I felt as if I were going to faint it was the best gift I have ever gotten it was a……puppy!!!

    Hugging her it was as if I were the only person alive. She looked like a new baby cloud. In my hands she feltlike just a ball of fur. She smelled very clean,she looked so clean that I thought it was just fur. As you can “see” I love my puppy.

    Without my puppy I would have nothing to do during my free time.Everyday she plays with me. Of course I do get annoyed with her but she’s my puppy and I love her no matter what. I made a promise that I wouldlove her and keep her for as long as she lives. I always keep my promises and that little dog is napping at this moment. She is my best friend

  7. On my birthday my mom gave me a gift that changed my life. The gift was shaped like a cube. In the meantime, I started to slowly rip the wrapper off the gift. Then, I started to rip it quickly. I ripped it so quickly that I ripped the name of my gift so didn’t find out what it was.

    Right away, I opened the box and ghapsed.
    ”Thanks!”, I announced
    ”Do you like it?”, she asked
    ”Yea I like it!”, I admitted
    From that point, I ran to my room and started to set up my game cube. I looked at it as if it was gold to me. Later on, it was done being set up.

    An hour later, I was playing it and got so addicted to it I didn’t want to do anything, but sit there and play games. Moments later, my fingers were moving so fast that it was sore. By 4 o’ clock, I did my homework and right after i did my homework I went back to playing games again.

    Days have passed, my parents just got divorced. I was felling a little sad. So then, everytime I play with it, it makes me think why did they divorced. At home, when we ate dinner,
    I asked, ”Why did you and mom divorced?”
    ”I don’t want to talk about it!”, he cried.
    Now, I look at it as if it was apart of my heart. The game cube brings back so much memories from the past when my mom was still here.

  8. Happiness. Last Christmas I got this amazing pink guitar. My body halted when they gave it to me. I was delighted. My mom and dad got it for me because they know how much I love to play music. I play it a lot but it is still in fantastic condition. The guitar is very expensive but I am glad they got it for me.

    First of all, it is special to me because it is a way to express myself when I am depressed. This guitar is a dream come true. The heavens above sent this guitar to me because they believe I am talented. With this guitar I feel like I can do anything. The love the guitar gives to me makes me feel like a heavenly angel that shines like a star. When I hear songs play on the radio I think to myself,”If they can do it than so can I.” So now I always try to make up new songs and sing and play the guitar at the same time. Then I sing to my parents. I have always wanted to learn how to play Talor Swift songs. It is an amazing feeling.

    I am thankful because without my parent’s help I wouldn’t be able to have a guitar. I thank them everyday for making my life,not horrifying but incredible. Honestly, I think this is the best gift they have gotten me so far, not that it matters what gift I get because the best gift I will ever get is love and happiness. Love and happiness is really all I need to survive and they have given that to me all my life.

    This is an unforgetable moment that I will keep in my heart. I will never forget this moment. I am truly appreciative that they got me this guitar. Everytime I play my guitar the memmory captures me and brings me to the time when I got it. This moment was like an imaginary story.

  9. My hard, smooth little friend.

    Have you ever had a birthday present that you loved? Well that’s how my mom surprised me. And boy was it small in size but big to me. It was a few days until my birthday and my mom had been telling me that she was gonna buy me something I really wanted. I wondered what it was.

    Suddenly, my birthday came and my mom made me my favorite food. Turkey sandwiches. After that she said “Here’s your birthday present.” and I said “Okay mom thanks for the present.” Then I ate about three turkey sandwiches. By night time my only presents were turkey sandwiches and an ice cream cake my dad had brought.

    The next day, my mom said we were going to Walmart to get some stuff. Then she took me and my sister to the electronics area. She pointed at the DSi’s and said “Which one do you want?” and smiled. I was so happy I was squealing like a mouse. So then I chose the black one because there were no more blue ones.

    At my house, I was boasting about my DSi. It even has a camera which is my favorite tool and some other things. I was taking pictures and using the Graffiti effect. I was so happy until my mom’s friend came and her children wouldn’t even let me hold it. I told them to take care of Moon properly. Moon was the name I named it even though it was a electronic’s device.

    Moon is black, hard, and smooth. When you open it, it makes a sound like a doorbell. And it’s weird because it smells like baby wipes because that’s what I have to use to clean it when it gets dirty. It has a scratch in the front because my sister once accidentally dropped it on the cement. I love my DSi because it is my present that my whole family wanted to give to me.

  10. Colorful and nice.
    During 2004,my uncle gave me a gift. It was a blanket. At home, the blanket was so soft. The colors were purple, green, and white. When I used it, it would make a sound.

    Suddenly, something happend to my uncle. He was in the hospital. I didn’t know what was wrong. Sadly, I would cry when I thinked of it. It could be the last time that I would see him.

    A month later, my uncle had a heart attack. He then died. Crying I saw him one last time. At his funeral, I brought the blanket. Although, we were at his funeral I still needed it. The gift was to special for me.

    The thing that was so special was that it reminded me of him. It touched me of how nice he was to me. All the things he did for me was in that blanket. If I lost it, it would make me miserable. The blanket is a gift thats so special to me.

  11. Happies. Last Chrismas my god mom she had got me a gift. It was a big box and then I opened it it was a Easy Baked Oven. When I had got the gift only 8 years old. And when I play with my easy baked oven I can make me a cupcake,little cake,and all cookies.

    That eveining when the easy baked oven seat on for a long like 5 or 10 mins it will get hot very fast. One time I had forgent that it get hot very fast I had burnt my hand.

    Later,when you walk in the door you can smell me making some cookies. And when I am done I taste it and it taste very good.
    why, I like that gift becuse my god mom had got it for got it fro me. My god mom and my real mom had got in a little fight and after that I nver saw her again. When I had got the newspaper I looked at the obituary and I had saw my god mom.
    Suddenly, I feel very bad that my god mom had died. Becuse she diedcin a car crash. Then I never got to see her never agian.

  12. ~Crepesville

    During the Winter Break on the month of November, it was my birthday, so my auntie took me to a place called “Crepesville.” I asked her,”What is Crepesville?” She explained that it has crepes and anything for breakfast. I wanted to go really badly because that would be my very first crepe. I asked my auntie if we could walk because my auntie lives near Crepesville.

    In the meantime we were one block away from Crepesville. I was so eager to get there because I was hungry as a wolf. My auntie asked “What are you going to order at Crepesville?” I replied,”I don’t know because I’ve never been to Crepesville.” We just needed a step from going to Crepesville. Just as my auntie and I stepped into Crepesville I smelled the heavenly hot chocolate.

    When I looked at the menu it was as if it was a gigantic square. As soon as you looked at the menu your neck would hurt as if you broke it. The menu was a chalkboard and when you looked at the writing it was so tiny. Just as I looked at “Crepe with strawberries and Nutella” I ordered it.

    Just before I was about to get the crepe I got a hot chocolate a bunch of whipped cream and then the crepe. When I took a bite out of the crepe, it was like half pancake half cake. Later on, I was so full, right when I was full I just found out that there was a tiny bit. My auntie’s friend found us at Crepesville ,so she sang to me “Happy Birthday.”

    That gift was special to me because my auntie is very close to me. My auntie is special to me because she has known me since I was born. She is my mom’s best friend they known each other since Middle School. She’s really not my auntie ,she just wants me to call her my auntie.

  13. Snow.
    It was as if the gods were pouring flour over Sacramento. You couldn’t see the green grass under your feet. All you can see was the white snow.It felt like the tempurture droped to 15degrease farinhight. I sas sleeping like a hibernating bear.

    Just then “WAKE UP!” comanded Mom. Getting out of bed I noticed that it was cristmas. There were at least 10 gifts for me under the tree. I had to waituntil 9:30 to open gifts.

    Then we open the preasents. I got a Neon blue Gameboy Advance. THe Gameboy had a intresting sound. It was as soft as a clean wooden floor.

    It was special to me because it was my second Gameboy. I have been beging my mom to git me a Gameboy for a year. And I finally got it. This is the most memberalble gift ever.

  14. The baby spoons are the most important thing ever because without them I wouldn’t have something from my grandmother. In Mexico my grandma used to give me baby spoons so my mom could give me food with them and not with the big ones. The baby spoons felt like bumpy on the top in the part you hold it.

    My mom said that while she was washing the baby spoons, they sparkle because of its gold color. T


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