1. I did like it but why was Johnny out f the scene in the last scene. I liked how you all spoke loudly.

  2. I thought you could of used shorter pauses for the slide show. I liked how you used the speech when you did great job.

  3. The camera was kind of shaky. It was a good part when the speech came on. And they had good parts. But at the end Johnny was missing.

  4. I sould of said that he gave the i have a dream speach. I liked how we used the pictures with our sentences.

  5. I liked the music and the shots. You can work on not taking a long time on the speech.

  6. I really liked the information that it gave. You could have shortened the speech a little bit. I liked the attitude.

  7. It was good that you used all four picture and the video.

    But there was always a pause before the picture for a along time .

  8. I liked how they put music on. Some scenes were too long. Also the camera was kind of shaking. There was some great expression.

  9. I liked how they were talking about M.L.K while they were showing his pictures and they can also work on not shaking the camera.

  10. At the end, Johnny was missing.
    this movie was put together good.
    When they had sown the pictures, their was alot of gaps.
    The actors were doing good!

  11. It was really well. Just that Johnny wasn`t there with us to do the last scene. But we did great on it. It was a Memory of him. I feel well watching my group.

  12. The camera was kind of moving during one of the scenes, somebody was missing at the end. But it was well edited and well written.

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