1. Wow! Melissa really skinnie jeans don’t forget to buy me a pair too HaHa 🙂 . I really liked it but I think Katherine can talk louder.

  2. Sarina that was a well edited movie. I thought you could of used more examples of how to stand up to a bully.

  3. It was a little bit slow on some parts. But it was especially funny when I said “You stuck up,no-good , mean brats!” Yowch! That was hard for me to say.

    • Yeah, that probly was hard to say, but remember you asked me if you could say that.

  4. Sarina’s movie was well cut and edited. I think Sarina needs to work on not laughing through the lines.

    • GRRR! I was not laughing I was just smiling because you were making googly eyes at me. 🙂 haha

  5. There was very good emotion. The movie didn’t make much sense at the end of the movie.

  6. There was some great expression used. They can work on a little bit of editing.

  7. If was funny but are you the story teller that whats is right to do and what is wrong to do or something like that .

    And what you need to work on is checking the clips over and over os you now what you need to doon it .

  8. I liked the shots like over the shoulder and close up. Why did you say “this is what should happen” two times. I loved the music wasn’t boring. I liked the expression of the actresses.

  9. It made me laugh and think of, if there were bullies in my school what would I do. The actors were great. they had great expression and attitude. I know that Katherine and Melissa are not mean but if someone didn’t know them and they watched this movie they would really think they are mean. My favorite part was when Diana stood up to them. You could work on not saying the same thing twice.

  10. I like actors and their acting. I didn’t get why Diana told Mellisa to stop bulling her, when she didn’t bullied her.

  11. I like the movie it was very funny. The actors were very funny. But you can work on is how Diana make things right.

  12. I like the music and how Sarina talked about how to stick up to a bully. But they could work on the seen where they tell you what to do say to a bully without saying bad words.

  13. I like the part that the other actors were soo sassy and, bullies. I even don`t get why Gabby was a bully and then, she became the nerd`s mom? It was still well watching it.

  14. The movie was very funny.
    I don’t like when Sarina was talking it was the same backround.
    The movie was put together good.

  15. When you said “this should happen” I didn’t understand because the shot didn’t make sense. The movie is great but and Diana should be reading not just looking at the video camera.

  16. I really like the part when mellisa was talking about skiny jeans because it sounds so sassy and funny. But I still think Catherine should really talk louder. I still like the movie.

  17. Wow Sarina, you are a great actress. Keep it up!! It was really well written too.

    I thought this video had really good action and flow – one part flowed into the next. There were only a couple slow parts. Props to the director and editor for putting this together.

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