Script/Storyboard/Movie: Diana’s Second Movie

Script/Storyboard originally submitted Jan 9, 2010.

“Hi Jazmine.”I said.
“Hi Diana”.said Jazmine.
“What are you doing?”I asked.
“I’m practicing my drawing.”replied Jazmine.
“Really can I see what your drawing?” I asked.
(Jazmine shows me the picture)
“Wow,that is so pretty but I could do better. I draw caricatures.” I bragged.
“Oh,is that so.” said Jazmine.
“Yep.”I replied.
“Well then let’s see how “good” you are at drawing.” said Jazmine.
“Fine, this is sooo a contest.”I said.
“Oh it’s on!”announced Jazmine.
“Ok.” I said.
(Drawing our pictures and close-ups)
“Ha,I bet you can’t draw better than this.” (Jazmine shows the picture)
“Oh really can’t this beat it.”(I show Jazmine my picture)
“Oh man I lost.” mumbled Jazmine.
“What?” I asked.
“I planned this whole thing and I even had my brother draw this.” admitted Jazmine.
“Oh,so you cheated.” I shouted.
“Yeah, but any way you won. Here’s the trophy.”admitted Jazmine.
“Thanks, you did a good job.”I replied.






  1. You could have used a little more action shots and music in the middle of your movie. The sass on the other hand, was just plain hilarious.

  2. You should have used some music during the action scene. But its wel written and good EXPRESSION.

  3. I like how Diana cut the movie and it went smooth. The movie had alot of competitive lines!

  4. It had good lines. Jazmine and I were very sassy. But in the middle it was to long and I couldv’e added music.

  5. It was a great movie! 🙂 You acted very well. You guys where so sassy with attitude! You could have used music during the action.

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