Taking a Break…

… to focus on writing.

It’s pretty clear. They can make movies.

The big question is: Is their writing improving?

I think it’s part of the balance and the challenge of EETT grant. There are some finished movies to upload. All six group projects are ready to be edited. A few more students have projects to be filmed. Three students have started working on their SEVA entries. So, it’s not like we’re sitting on our hands. My kids, I believe, are on the front lines leading the way for their peers. My hope is that they inspire and experience success.

The hard work has begun. But can we follow through? Can the teacher follow through? I’d be lying if I told you this was easy. Not knowing the outcome, not being sure if we’re going to be successful; is it worth it? Yes.

Yes because we’re excited to be in school doing something different, something new, taking risks. Will it work? Well, you’re witness to it, with us, together; this weird digital community of learners.


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