1. I want to make a documentary about my family. I think my family is very intresting. I want to so people a life with my family. I think it’s an oppurtunity to so people my exiting life of Johnny.

  2. The one I chose was Instuctional because I want to talk about how to make something because I love to cook. I want to show people how to make a fabulous meal for Mother’s Day. The reason I chose a meal for Mother’s Day is because most people find it hard to pick out a gift. Then they get angry but all this time they haven’t noticed that all mom’s want is for someone to cook and clean for them. While I was thinking of that I was thinking of my mom and she wants that too, at least thats what I think, and trust me she has done a lot of work just like my dad.

  3. Maybe Instructional because then when other people watch it they might learn something. Mostly when a person makes an Instructional movie then when people watch it they learn something new. Like Cats 101 or Dogs 101 on Animal Planet. They teach you what kind of breed,what it does, and how to take care of them. If I make another movie it might be Instructional.

  4. The category I might choose is Public Service Anouncement or School News. The reason I would choose School News is because it would be very interesting. Taking a interview with the principal or vice principal would be interesting. The reason I would do a Public Service Anouncement is its a commercial. But thats not all it would be cool and exciting.

  5. When people makes movies and that made my teacher an idea of telling us to make movies. By making movies ,alot of us of us are making movies with diffrent kind of actioin movies. If showing our movies to alot of people at the SEVAs. When our movies are showed up at the SEVAs And all of us will get nervouse. This was the annoument for the school news and 4th grade students are doing it and a teacher is also doing it to. Well I think it`ll be good.

  6. Instructional is the one I’m going to pick. I picked instructional because I can help give advice to little kids if they need it. Subject and skill is smething I’m kind of good at. If little kids need help with their school work, I would give advice about that. Instructional would be the one I would choose.

  7. I choose Instructional. I’m going to show younger childrenhow to add money. I want to because when my little brother was doing home work he’d have trouble. Maybe teachers will show their students to help them learn.

  8. For the SEVAs I would like enter a documentary about our school. I would to enter a documentary for school because people could exprerience how our school is ,and what we do in class and outside of the class. How are school looks like ,and how beautiful our school looks. I think it will be an exprerience for our school to be seen.

  9. I would pick a PSA because ,I want to tell the public about what is going on every where. I want to tell them things that are useful. Iwant to it make so people know what isn’t useful.

  10. For my SEVA video I will do Instructional. I would like to do instructional because when I do something I want others to know as well. I might teach kids on how to bake brownies, cakes, and cupkakes.

  11. I think I’d have to go with a P.S.A.,but on the other hand I don’t even know if I would go to it. Back to the main subject,if I did the would be a funny, yet at the same time, apropriate for the setting and time.I don’t exactly know just yet what to do it for, but I do know it will be funny.

  12. This is where I live with my brother Imari, my sisters Jasmin, and Serenity, and my mom. lets go see my big sister. Hey jasmin can I ask you some qustions. Have you ever got in trouble. Have you skipped a day of school. thanks Jasmin. Lets go see my little brother and sister. Serenity say hi to the people. Imari name you favorite toy and movie. Lets go see mom. mom have you been cooking sence you where a kid. Did you have a job when you where a kid. This is the back yard. My mom lets us play outside sometimes. We have four differint fruit trees. We have a apple tree, a apercot tree, a lemon tree, and a orange tree. thats all for now I hoped you all have a great day.

  13. I will choose instructional for whe SEVA entry. I choose instructional because I want people to learn stuff that they don’t know. Another reason is that I think instructional is easier to do than any other entry.

  14. The movie I am going to do for the Sevas is a PSA. I wanted to do a PSA because I want to advertise somthing that everyone would like. I like doing PSA ‘s because it is short, easy to edit, and it makes things easier. Then, when I’m done with the the PSA I can submit the video into the Sevas. I would of pick a diffrent subject but there was no other good subjects. I did not want to do a documentery because I didn’t know what to do for the interviews and how to make the movie more intersting not just boring. So, I just chose doing a PSA.

  15. For the SEVA, I will like to enter a movie about School News or Intructional. I don’t really know what to chose yet.The school news,I will tell the students that’s it’s important to be in school,and tell how you could get a better grades.Also the Intructional, I will ask my mom if I could bake a cake or cup cake.

  16. Maybe I might want to film my Mom, Dad ,Sister, Baby , and a three year old sister at home and what their doing and what were eating or just doing and I want to do a cooking sence and just show around my house and showing the backyard , front yard ,the house and the plants .

    And Thats What Im Going To Do For The

  17. I will make a movie for the sevas. It will be intresting for some or most people it won`t be soper good , but well. The movie will be about the air.

  18. I want to make a documentary about my family because I think they are intresting. I want people to see what they look like and what they do.

  19. I would make a instustional movie about my family.

    I think you me instructional movie. What would you instruct?

  20. hi its jenniffer i liked it but i did not think it was that long u should try add on 2 it maybe it should be at least 1 min long here is brianna

    i liked it but there should be a problem and a solution in the video hi its jenniffer again i think u guys r pretty

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