Our First Remake: Diana’s Psychic Mom

The first Psychic Mom was directed by me. I didn’t feel that it was fair to Diana to have her edit a movie where I called the shots. I wanted to model what a director should do. This time around she picked her own director and assistant. Since we’ve seen so many movies remade, why not an EETT one.



  1. I liked that they spoke very loud and clear. I noticed that they kept doing side views in five or six clips. Also it made sense. Although they were laughing during lines it was interesting.

  2. My favorite part is when the mom went ha ha ha rubbing her hands together. I like the name of the movie because it’s a good reflection of the movie.

  3. I don’t understand why you guys were laughing on almost of your lines. Then I saw Gabby in the shot you needed to cut that part out. I really liked the part when Litzy said “Cheesebuger?” That was really funny!(LOL) I went to my friend’s house she thought it was funny too. Anyway I liked the expression and you didn’t have to speak louder I could hear you guys loud and clear.


    — Melissa F. #10

  4. I like how you both were having fun while you made this video. It made it more fun to watch!

    • We haven’t had a class make as many movies as you guys did back then. It’s still amazing work and people continue to watch your movies!

      Mr. A

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