Who Are We?

The Office of Educational Equity (OEE) coordinates and manages equity-based work in the Elk Grove Unified School District. The OEE focuses on promoting equitable practices and decisions to increase the academic proficiency of students and close the persistent opportunity, access and achievement gaps. In the first year of existence, we will provide leadership, collaboration opportunities, and expertise to build a vision and strategic plan of equity.

General EGUSD Educational Equity Links

For more information on the EGUSD Educational Equity Strategic Plan and Board of Education Progress Reports, visit the EGUSD Race and Educational Equity webpage.

Google Resource Folder: General EGUSD Equity Resources

February 2020 Leaders in Educational Equity

  • William Jones, Program Specialist, English Learner Services
  • Lucy Bollinger, Director, English Learner Services
  • Sheri Hughes, Refugee Coordinator, Office of Family and Community Engagement
  • Lisa Levasseur, Program Specialist, Office of Family and Community Engagement
  • Chandra Victor, Principal, Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School 

January 2020 Leaders in Educational Equity

  • Lisa Vartanian, Program Specialist, Office of Behavioral Health
  • Michelle Jenkins, Principal, Elitha Donner Elementary School
  • Lara Ricks, Principal, Monterey Trail High School

December 2019 Leaders in Educational Equity

  • Vicki Nelson, Program Specialist, College and Career Connections Department
  • John Pellman, Program Specialist, College and Career Connections Department
  • Brian Browne, Teacher, Laguna Creek High School
  • Dave Hackett, Teacher, Laguna Creek High School
  • Justin Cecil, Teacher, Sheldon High School
  • Kelli Kosney, Teacher, Sheldon High School

October 2019 Leaders in Educational Equity

  • Kathy Wilson, Instructional Coach, Family & Community Engagement
  • Bryn Lum, Instructional Coach, Curriculum & Professional Learning
  • Diane Stevenson, Instructional Coach, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  • Johnny Jauregui, Principal, Cosumnes Oaks High School
  • Cristin Smith, Teacher, Cosumnes Oaks High School
  • Lysa Munson, Teacher, Cosumnes Oaks High School

September 2019 Leaders in Educational Equity

  • Tramaine Lott, Web and Communications Specialist, Communications
  • Kathleen Watt, Web Specialist, Technology Service

May 2019 Leaders in Educational Equity

  • Michael Anderson, Principal, Samuel Jackman Middle School
  • Lisa Levasseur, Program Administrator, Family and Community Engagement Office
  • Eric Swanson, Principal, Monterey Trail High School
  • Mark Cerutti, Deputy Superintendent, Education Services and Schools
  • Candy Jackson, Teacher, Monterey Trail High School
  • Dawniell Black, Program Specialist, Curriculum/Professional Learning
  • Cha Vang, Ethnic Studies Now – Elk Grove

(Not pictured: Keith Hodges, Teacher, Monterey Trail)

EGUSD Educational Equity Definition

Educational Equity ensures the decisions, policies, and practices in our learning system are culturally sensitive and provide all students with access, opportunity, support and resources enabling us to:

  • Meet students’ individual needs to learn, grow and develop in a safe, healthy environment with high expectations;
  • Support all stakeholders in advocating for fairness;
  • Ensure the ultimate outcome of all students becoming college, career and life ready.

EGUSD Educational Equity Theory of Action

Elk Grove Unified School District believes that equity is a fundamental component to student success and achievement. When all staff focus on promoting equity to close the persistent gaps of opportunity, access, achievement, expectations, and resources and where equity and non-discrimination are:

  • Integrated into the mindset, work and lives of every student, teacher, and staff member;
  • Recognized as core institutional values and inform thinking, policies, and practices throughout our schools;
  • Inherently intertwined with academic excellence and the goal of developing leaders for a globally inclusive society

Then, we will ensure that decisions, policies, and practices support students’ learning, growth, and development, fostering the ultimate goal of becoming college, career, and life ready.

Educational Equity Framework Components

The EGUSD Educational Equity Strategic Planning Steering Committee identified the essential program components to be incorporated in the development of the Office of Educational Equity in order to transform the learning system and address the opportunity, access, achievement, and relationship gaps present.

The figure below, “The EGUSD Educational Equity Framework,” captures these key program components:

  • Equity Core: The center of the figure captures the core definition of equity as the process and the goal of using systemic resources (people, policies, and practices) to address the needs and leverage the assets of all student group so that all are affirmed within the learning system.
  • Equity Foundations: The specific educational equity foundations are represented in the middle layer of the figure. Programs, actions, services, and goals for the educational equity throughout the learning system are organized into six foundations: 1) curriculum and instruction; 2) opportunity and access; 3) professional learning and development; 4) student-centered supports; 5) school, family, and community relationships; 6) recruiting, hiring, and retention.
  • Equity Lenses: The outer layer of the figure represents the equity lenses through which we analyzed the people, policies, and practices of the learning system. Educational equity recognizes the need to examine the unique needs, assets, histories, and power relationships relating to the identity categories of race, culture, and/or ethnicity; immigration status; religion and/or faith; ability; socio-cultural or socio-behavioral traditions; socio-economic status; age; sexual orientation; gender identity and/or expression; and language.