I Know It’s Fall

Fall looks like fog under the dark-blue moon.

Fall looks like carved pumpkins on the door steps.

Fall looks like trick-or-treaters knocking on different colored doors.


Fall sounds like leaves prancing in the soft, misty air.

Fall sounds like trick-or-treaters stomping on colorful leaves.

Fall sounds like people raking crunchy leaves.


Fall tastes like warm mashed potatoes and gravy.

Fall tastes like a crispy and soft turkey.

Fall tastes like- sweet, caramelized apples.


Fall feels like cold air in the wind.

Fall feels like damp and wet air breezing around.

Fall feels like a warm fire heating up the coldness.


Fall smells like a baked apple pie.

Fall smells like the scent of a pumpkin latte.

Fall smells like a smoked turkey.



I Am Poem

I am a future scientist

I wonder what happens when you pour chemicals on solid surfaces 

I hear the computer click when I type

I see the experiments ready to be tested

I wish to get accepted into NASA

I am a future scientist


I pretend I am in a lab, testing the chemicals

I feel proud to be a scientist

I touch the bug to observe it

I worry that if I make a mistake I will get into trouble

I cry because I am happy

I am a future scientist


I understand that being a scientist is a lot of work

I say that I am a good scientist

I dream that I have my own laboratory

I try to get straight A’s so I can be successful

I hope I can become a chemist 

I am a future scientist