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EGUSD Educators #DigCitCommit for #DigCitWeek

Students at the CA Museum Unity Center Unity Needs You Display

Educators throughout Elk Grove Unified guided and supported students through numerous #DigCitWeek activities. Some of the activities represent projects that students will continue their involvement in throughout the school year, while other activities were specifically inspired by the October 15-19 Digital Citizenship Week timeframe. As you can see from the samples below, elementary, middle and […]

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Digital Citizenship Week: Oct.15-19

Digital Citizenship Week

All of our EGUSD Digital Citizenship Site Coordinators have been busy submitting their site implementation plans for the 2018-19 school year. We are looking forward to showcasing what our schools do to celebrate Digital Citizenship Week, part of National Bullying Prevention Month. We are also excited by a recent invitation from EdWeb, Common Sense and ISTE […]

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Keeping your kids safe online this summer

Mobile phone on the beach

Summer break is already here for some and fast approaching for others. With school being out and students spending more free time online and on their mobile devices, it’s important to be aware of ongoing risks in the cyber world. In addition to cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content, children need an awareness that threats […]

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Digital Citizenship – It’s not just for students

Ted Talk - Digital Footprint

A recent article by Keegan Korf, Embracing Our Digital Footprints and Guiding Students to Curate and Reshape Their Own, re-ignited a conversation on digital citizenship resources for adults. Until now, our focus has been predominately on students. While we provide a wide range of resources for teachers and parents to use with their students and their […]

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Defining Bullying and Cyberbullying

School fight on cell phone

“Isn’t ‘cyberbullying’ just another form of ‘bullying’? Why label it as a separate issue?” We have been asked this question a number of times. And, yes, we agree that cyberbullying is a form of bullying. Ideally, there would not be a need to add “cyber” in front of “bullying.” However, based on regional, community and […]

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Teaching About Intellectual Property – #Hyperdoc Style

Can I use that? Hyperdoc

We love the many ways teachers in the district are guiding student-centered conversations about building positive digital footprints, protecting online privacy, and confronting cyberbullying. A shout out to Common Sense Media, iKeepSafe, and Netsmartz for the wealth of free resources and lessons you provide to schools on these key digital citizenship topics. EGUSD’s 4 digital citizenship themes – BY […]

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Creative Commons Licensing – Part 2

If you enjoyed learning about Creative Commons licensing through Part 1 of Jim Bentley’s student-created video, you will be pleased to know that his 5th graders have just released Part 2: CC Licenses Explained: Please feel free to share this video – especially with your students. Although there are many videos available on the topic […]

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#UnfollowBullying at KAMS

Last week was #UnfollowBullying week at Katherine Albiani Middle School. The district-wide #UnfollowBullying student-led anti-cyberbullying campaign launched back in 2012 and staff and students at KAMS have continued to host a #UnfollowBullying week each year for the past 4 years. KAMS students took a stand against cyberbullying by participating in a week of activities and promotions that included a #UnfollowBullying art show, pledge drive […]

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2013-2014 EGUSD Digital Citizenship Training

Site representatives from across the district packed the Robert L. Trigg Education Center Board Room for the August 5, 2013, EGUSD Digital Citizenship Curriculum training. The two-hour session provided the opportunity for teachers and administrators from both elementary and secondary sites to share current best practices in implementing digital citizenship curriculum and to brainstorm ideas, […]

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