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EGUSD Students Stand Up and Speak Out Against Bullying

Students from several of our EGUSD schools (Monterey Trail High School and Roy Herburger Elementary School) took the pledge to “Stand Up Speak Out” against bullying at the California Museum’s Unity Center as part of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month and Digital Citizenship Week celebrations.

Stand Up Speak Out Youth Rally - CA Museum - Unity Center

“The Unity Center at the California Museum celebrates the state’s diverse people, customs and cultures. Initiated in 1999 in response to a series of Northern California hate crimes, the Center’s interactive multimedia exhibits highlight leaders in the state’s rich civil rights history and encourage visitors to find common ground while embracing their own individuality.”

Stand Up Speak Out Against Bullying Event - CA Museum - Unity Center

We reached out to the 6th grade team of teachers at Roy Herburger to get their thoughts on the Rally and invited them to share some of their students takeaway messages from the event.

Mrs. Katsandres and her 6th grade class:

“The Stand-Up, Speak Out rally resonated with my students. They were touched by the stories they heard, enjoyed touring the Unity exhibit, and spending time with people that encouraged them to be who they are.” -Mrs. Katsandres

“I appreciated the presenters for telling us about their troubles with bullying. It is a very brave thing to do. I hope and believe that what they do will stop bullying in all ways. Cyber-bullying, publicly bullying and all different types of bullying will stop!” -Genevieve

“I thought that it was a very fun and educational field trip. I learned that you should still be yourself even if you are bullied. From hearing stories about those who were bullied, it inspired me to stand up to bullying. Overall, this field trip was very fun and very inspiring.” -Vy

“It was a very nice experience to hear other people’s thoughts about bullying and how we can prevent it from happening. I liked having a group of people stand up against bullying. I also liked how it taught others to stand up against bullying too! Participating in the anti-bullying rally was fun and I hope others stand up against bullying too.” -Angela

“I enjoyed taking a tour of the Unity room and also enjoyed the presentations.” -Marco

“I love this event because I know that bullying affects many lives and this helps stop it. I also like how other people shared their stories of bullying. If anyone at the rally has been bullied, they would know how to get through it.” -Stuart

“The anti-bullying rally was a really good field trip! I enjoyed listening to other people’s stories of being bullied. I recommend people go to the Stand-Up, Speak Out rally field trip.” -Kyle

Ms. Callaway’s 6th grade class:

“I feel that the field trip was an amazing experience.  I felt like the speeches people gave about how bullying affected their lives were very inspirational and was able to spread positivity to the audience.” -Jesse

“I absolutely love this event.  I was so thankful to attend.  I have been bullied before and right now some of my best friends are really hurting from bullying and depression, so I was very glad to also get things for them.  Thank you again.” -Anatolia

“The rally was very interesting overall.  Everyone seemed supportive and I grew more confident to express myself.  When someone teased my friend, I was able to stand up for her and stop the bully.” -Mary

Ms. Topete and Ms. Berry’s 6th graders:

“I thought it was very good because it showed me that people stand up against bullying and help the people who are being bullied.” -Gabriel

“ What I really enjoyed about the Bullying Rally is how many things are there for you to get help from.” -Seerat

“What I liked about the event is how we got to listen to other people’s stories.” -Mikayla

“I was inspired to help stop bullying. Thanks for inspiring others in my school. I loved it.” -Bekha

Students explore the new 4,000 square foot gallery celebrating California’s diverse people, customs and cultures.

CA Museum Unity Center - EGUSD Students

The Unity Center features interactive exhibits and engaging educational programs exploring California’s rich civil rights history.

Stand Up Speak Out Youth Rally Against Bullying - CA Museum - Unity Center

Students participate in an exhibit encouraging visitors to take an active stance against hate, intolerance and bullying.

We had the pleasure of joining Marielle Tsukamoto for the event. Marielle has been a huge part of our EGUSD Time of Remembrance Project. We invite educators across the globe to share the interviews and resources posted to the Time of Remembrance website with their students. It is our hope that through the living voices of survivors and witnesses of World War II and the Vietnam War, students will gain an understanding of the common threads that connect the exclusion and forced removal of any group of people – and the importance of standing up and speaking out for the rights of all citizens.

EGUSD students attending Stand Up Speak Out Against Bullying event at CA Museum - Unity Center

During Marielle’s interview, she shares her perspective on the impact of the internment years on her family and the Florin community during and following the war years – along with memories of “unsung heroes.”

“Having the Stand Up Speak Out Against Bullying Rally hosted by the CA Museum – Unity Center was especially inspiring for me,” said Marielle. “Empowering youth to speak out against the bullying of any group is truly a way to bring about positive change in any and all communities.”

We look forward to following up on the impact of this year’s Rally with the students who attended. This is our 5th year attending the Stand Up Speak Out Again Bullying Rally and every year is memorable and a call to action.

CA Museum Unity Center - Herburger Elementary School students

#UnfollowBullying at KAMS

Last week was #UnfollowBullying week at Katherine Albiani Middle School. The district-wide #UnfollowBullying student-led anti-cyberbullying campaign launched back in 2012 and staff and students at KAMS have continued to host a #UnfollowBullying week each year for the past 4 years.

KAMS - #UnfollowBullying Pledge Drive


KAMS-#UnfollowBullying Art Show


KAMS students took a stand against cyberbullying by participating in a week of activities and promotions that included a #UnfollowBullying art show, pledge drive and a visit from the Breakaway Tour (see below) and radio station 107.9 the end, for a successful lunch time event that the students really enjoyed.




“The Breakaway Tour is a Youth Enlightenment program created by award winning recording artists “Rey y Kaye” in the fall of 2011. Rey y Kaye have been excellent role models throughout their musical career. Being from Sacramento, CA –  the group wanted to give back to the community in a way that would be not only fun, but beneficial as well. Through the Breakaway Tour, Rey y Kaye inspire and encourage students to set goals and believe in themselves. Reassuring students that anything in life is possible and if they can dream it they can achieve it.” Source:

All KAMS students have participated in ‘Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship’ lessons through their Social Science classes this year. The activities and lessons focused on Internet safety, cyberbullying, and building a positive digital footprint – All part of EGUSD’s 4 Main Themes of Digital Citizenship.

KAMS #UnfollowBullying week is the perfect way to bring everything together. Challenging students to stand up and speak out against cyberbullying and sharing resources with families through School Loop reminding everyone that digital drama is not cool!

Common Sense Media’s  – Comprehensive parent guide includes everything families need to know about cyberbullying, organized by age groups.

Way to go KAMS!

EGUSD Steps Up and Speaks Out on National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and the Elk Grove School District is actively supporting this national event.

On October 1, in response to an invitation from the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Tolerance to school districts and local and national organizations,  Superintendent Steven M. Ladd, Ed.D, Board Member Bobbie Singh-Allen, and EGUSD colleagues manned a booth at  the anti-bullying “Stand Up, Speak Out event at the State Capitol.  The district’s booth was an opportunity to support an important national campaign and, at the same time, recognize the outstanding work of the student-led campaign #UnfollowBullying.

Visitors to the booth were invited to post an anti-bullying “Tweet” on the booth’s display boards, to take the #UnfollowBullying pledge, and to learn about the impact of this award-winning campaign. KCRA 3 recently featured EGUSD’s #UnfollowBullying campaign. Click here to view the segment on KCRA’s website.

On the evening of October 1, EGUSD’s Board of Education  took action on a resolution to declare October as National Bullying Prevention Month.  In passing this resolution, the current Board is building on the district’s commitment to combat all forms of bullying, face-to-face and online, and to address the need for bullying prevention programs, including intervention, discipline and enforcement mechanisms.

Be sure to visit the Digital Citizenship website throughout the month for updates on the many ways EGUSD  school sites are challenging bullying.

Texting and Driving – It Can Wait!

One of the most dangerous misuses of social media is not about the content of a text message, but rather when the message is being composed or read. Texting while driving is a serious problem, more like an epidemic. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, driving while texting is the cause of thousands of deaths every year.

If you are looking for texting-while-driving resources appropriate for high school and above, we recommend visiting AT&T’s “It Can Wait” website.

In addition to a texting-while-driving simulator, a downloadable activation kit, and a text-free driving pledge, the site also includes the recently released 35-minute Documentary – It Can Wait.  The documentary focuses on four separate accidents – and the aftermath – and includes both victims and perpetrators. While not easy to watch, the message to put your phone away while driving is so compelling, from start to finish, we predict the documentary could have a life changing and, hopefully, a life-saving impact on young drivers (and their parents).

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