Digital Citizenship Week

Common Sense Media sums it up in one sentence…

“This year more than ever, we are all digital citizens.”

While the transition from in-person learning to distance learning has been challenging for everyone, EGUSD teachers have already shared that online learning has led to impactful conversations about digital citizenship in the online classroom communities they have created. 

Digital Citizenship Week starts on Monday, October 19 and there’s no better time for teachers and parents/guardians to help students learn how to participate safely and responsibly online. 

All EGUSD schools are getting ready to submit their 2020-21 Digital Citizenship Site Implementation Plans to explain how they will incorporate digital citizenship into their core curriculum, Zoom and Google Meet sessions. 

If you are looking for resources to help support your students/children, Common Sense has created a wonderful web page for Digital Citizenship Week. It includes activities for elementary, middle and high school students and families. You can also follow @CommonSenseEd on Twitter to participate in all of the Digital Citizenship Week fun through social media.

Nearpod and Flocabulary have also curated free resources for Digital Citizenship Week.

On top of Digital Citizenship Week, October is also National Bullying Prevention and Character Education Month. EGUSD and the California Department of Education (CDE) have many bullying/cyberbullying prevention and character education resources available online that tie all three events together. We encourage you to check them out.

Our EGUSD Curriculum and Professional Learning Department has also created some ready to use Character Education lesson plans for EGUSD staff that include Common Sense lessons aligned to each pillar of character. Students will have the opportunity to share their ideas through word clouds.  As students complete lessons, each letter below will be updated using the words of students and classes from across our district. We are a diverse community working together to be trustworthy, caring, responsible, fair, and respectful citizens.

EGUSD Word Cloud

We encourage you to continue challenging your students/children to practice digital citizenship in their daily lives – whether it be for class assignments or while hanging out with their friends through online gaming or social media. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments or resources to share, please leave a comment below.