Last week was #UnfollowBullying week at Katherine Albiani Middle School. The district-wide #UnfollowBullying student-led anti-cyberbullying campaign launched back in 2012 and staff and students at KAMS have continued to host a #UnfollowBullying week each year for the past 4 years.

KAMS - #UnfollowBullying Pledge Drive


KAMS-#UnfollowBullying Art Show


KAMS students took a stand against cyberbullying by participating in a week of activities and promotions that included a #UnfollowBullying art show, pledge drive and a visit from the Breakaway Tour (see below) and radio station 107.9 the end, for a successful lunch time event that the students really enjoyed.




“The Breakaway Tour is a Youth Enlightenment program created by award winning recording artists “Rey y Kaye” in the fall of 2011. Rey y Kaye have been excellent role models throughout their musical career. Being from Sacramento, CA –  the group wanted to give back to the community in a way that would be not only fun, but beneficial as well. Through the Breakaway Tour, Rey y Kaye inspire and encourage students to set goals and believe in themselves. Reassuring students that anything in life is possible and if they can dream it they can achieve it.” Source:

All KAMS students have participated in ‘Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship’ lessons through their Social Science classes this year. The activities and lessons focused on Internet safety, cyberbullying, and building a positive digital footprint – All part of EGUSD’s 4 Main Themes of Digital Citizenship.

KAMS #UnfollowBullying week is the perfect way to bring everything together. Challenging students to stand up and speak out against cyberbullying and sharing resources with families through School Loop reminding everyone that digital drama is not cool!

Common Sense Media’s  – Comprehensive parent guide includes everything families need to know about cyberbullying, organized by age groups.

Way to go KAMS!