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Jackman Middle School

My adventure to 7th grade I am very anxious for going to jackman middle school. I expect a lot of fun there. I will be joining clubs. I will do sports, art, and math. I hope I am in the… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Dear Mom, Because of you, I have been a better person. You have teached me a lot things which made me smart and understand how everything in life is. Because of you, I am a kind person. You… Continue Reading →

Delicious Bugs

Delicious Scrumptious Bugs! Have you ever wondered how bugs taste? My friends and I ate a lot of bugs that our teacher bought for us. We read a article that fed us a lot of information. We have found three… Continue Reading →


The tragic event

The Past That Affected My Present Day Did you ever have a sorrowful event that has changed you for your whole life? There is something in my past that has affected me and has changed me forever. That unfortunate event… Continue Reading →

Book Report

Happy Halloween

Mesopotamia Map

The Mesopotamia map has a lot of surviving farmers that grow crops.It starts as a land on the middle of two rivers grow into a big civilization.The land grows and grows as a lot of farmers and people get jobs… Continue Reading →

Hello world, David here!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is David. Welcome to my blog of 2015, I am excited about what is going on right now. This is my first blog I’ve had in my life. I will tell you all my… Continue Reading →

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