Minion Now Downloadable at Thingiverse

a 3d minion view


One of my first 3D projects I built at Tinkercad was a Minion. I had seen a speed video on YouTube. The problem with speed videos, however, is their lack of verbal instruction. I had to watch the video frame-by-frame to learn how to construct him. Some of that speed video contained repeated errors, which made the learning process harder than it needed to be. But, once I’d gathered the information needed to construct him, I recorded my own video tutorials with Screencastify.  Those videos were then uploaded to YouTube and the links cleaned up in, preventing any unwanted content from showing up. These cleaned YouTube links were then added to a symbaloo playlist and made available on my blog ( for myself and students to access. It was a great way to flip instruction and make instructional content available 24 hours a day.

For those interested in printing this Minion, you can reach the downloadable files at

Your Virtual Store and TinkerCad

Tinkercad logoInterested in 3D design? Consider Tinkercad. It’s free and has an easy to use interface.  Upload directly from the Workplane to one of four sites: Ponoko, i.Materialize, Sculpteo, or Shapeways. I’m currently using Shapeways to check my designs and determine pricing. I order my prototypes in strong and flexible plastic, though a wide array of  materials can be selected, such as metals and porcelain, plastics or sandstone. Shapeways also lets users create their own virtual store to market their creations, handling the sale and shipping. Shapeways takes a nominal fee for their service.  Items usually arrive within 3 weeks or sooner and are packed safely within a sealed plastic baggy with insulating material for protection.  Check out my virtual store at

Shapeways logo

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Build a Wheel with Tinkercad

Check out my first tutorial using Camtasia software to record step-by-step instructions for creating a wheel using Tinkercad. This wheel requires 5 parts: a thin torus, a half sphere, and 3 cylinders. The final cylinder is used as a box tool to cut a hole through the small blue cylinder, the larger pink cylinder, and partially through the yellow half sphere. The hole allows the wheel to adhere to an axle and is part of a larger project focused on building a miniature scooter.

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