Your Virtual Store and TinkerCad

Tinkercad logoInterested in 3D design? Consider Tinkercad. It’s free and has an easy to use interface.  Upload directly from the Workplane to one of four sites: Ponoko, i.Materialize, Sculpteo, or Shapeways. I’m currently using Shapeways to check my designs and determine pricing. I order my prototypes in strong and flexible plastic, though a wide array of  materials can be selected, such as metals and porcelain, plastics or sandstone. Shapeways also lets users create their own virtual store to market their creations, handling the sale and shipping. Shapeways takes a nominal fee for their service.  Items usually arrive within 3 weeks or sooner and are packed safely within a sealed plastic baggy with insulating material for protection.  Check out my virtual store at

Shapeways logo

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