Get Efficient with Keyboarding Shortcuts

keyboard pictureHave you longed to be a keyboarding ninja? If so, consider mastering a few keyboarding shortcuts. In the school computer lab, 1st trimester, students in grades 2-6 will learn/review the shortcuts for copy, paste, print and save.  Additional shortcuts are taught as needed with activities. While many key combinations abound,  I’ve found those listed below to be the most useful.


Tabs & Windows

  • Ctrl + N (open a new window)
  • Ctrl + W (close window)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Q + Q (shut down Chromebook in 3 seconds)
  • Ctrl + Shift + T (reopen a closed tab)


  • Ctrl + P (print page)
  • Ctrl + S (save current page)
  • Ctrl + R (reload current page)
  • Ctrl + + (zoom in)
  • Ctrl + – (zoom out)

Browser Settings

  • Shift + Alt + S (open status area in the bottom right corner of the screen)

Text Editing

  • Ctrl + C (copy selected content to the clipboard)
  • Ctrl + V (paste content to the clipboard)
  • Ctrl + X (cut selected content)
  • Ctrl + Z (undo last action) or use the left pointing arrow
  • Ctrl + K (insert a hyperlink)
  • Ctrl + A (select everything on the page)

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