InkSurvey: Real-Time Formative Assessment

HP Catalyst Academy offers online classes for teachers seeking professional development. I’m currently participating  in InkSurvey: Graphical Response Tool for Real-Time Formative Assessment.  InkSurvey, a web-based software program, was created at the Colorado School of Mines with the help of students, Professor Frank Kowalski and his wife, Professor Susan Kowalski, the  project coordinator.

InkSurvey is free and students don’t need personal accounts. Once the teacher creates a question, she makes the link available,  either by posting to a blog, website, wiki, or by simply writing it on the board. Students use the link to reach the question (s), signing in with or without an identifier (real or random name). It’s not surprising that professors found the technology better engaged their students, enabling them to provide more responsive feedback, preventing students from developing misunderstandings that could become ingrained as days or weeks passed with students waiting for feedback on quizzes/exams.

Pen-enabled devices are the preferred method of input, but the site can be used with a mouse. The results shown below were taken from a 5th grade class, using  mice for data entry. The spreadsheet at the very bottom shows how the teacher can sort student responses into categories, marking some for their quality and/or for display (discussion).

Read more at Expanding Educational Frontiers. The next session begins Oct. 19-Nov. 23, 2013. Registration: Sept. 1-Oct. 12, 201

Sample Response #1

Sample Response #1