An Intro to Python Programming

Python snake pictureDo you speak Python? I don’t…yet. Is Python something two reptiles speak upon first encounter? No! Python is a high-level computer programming language. High-level means it comes as close as possible to mimicking human language, which–in theory–makes it somewhat easier to learn and apply. Python is used to Program YouTube and DropBox. Python is currently one of the fastest growing computer languages. Introduction to Python programming is most appropriately introduced at the college level, though there could be some early exposure at the high-school level.  As a new student to Python, where would I suggest a newby begin? Answer: with an introduction to the hashtag. Hashtags are used to create comments. Comments are used by programmers as a way to create notes about the code they’re writing. Comments can also be read by any coder wanting to read what the original programmer intended for his/her code because it’s not uncommon for code to have errors (bugs) that need correction. With this in mind, please view the video shown here to begin your introduction to Python. The Python interpreter can be downloaded here.

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