Mastering Computation with Math Facts Pro

Math Facts Pro Sign-on Screen

Math Facts Pro Sign-on Screen

If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to build and track your students’ computation skills, try Math Facts Pro.  Students sign in with their teacher’s name, then type in their name and password.  The teacher can select the number of problems for quizzes (Math Facts Pro recommends 50). Students enter their answers by clicking the online number pad.  Class reports can be printed in under a minute. Here’s an example of the progress made by one of our 2nd grade classes during one academic year:

math facts pro results

CRES has had Math Facts Pro for 2 years. For at least 3 years prior, we used a much more expensive, software-based program. Internet access for the program was cost prohibitive. Math Facts Pro runs $1/student.

Students make progress when the program is used 4-5 times a week. Students solve more computation problems accurately on Math Facts Pro than they do on worksheets because the program grades them immediately. It is this timely feedback that holds students accountable and prevents them from leaving the classroom with misconceptions that may not be corrected until the student returns to class the next day. Students completing worksheets often wait days to see their test results.

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