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Many resources are available to educators wanting to stay current with digital resources and some of the best ideas for using them. Edweb is one such resource. Simply create an account and then join any of the groups that interest you. Membership is free.

Digital Decisions for Collaborative Learning  offered a recent webinar called Online Research Habitudes. The webinar discussed how teachers could develop better research skills in their students. A ten step guideline was offered  through http://SweetSearch.com/TenSteps. Step 1 recommended the use of a data base for beginning a research project as opposed to starting with an Internet search. Step 6 advised teachers to remind students they shouldn’t trust everything they read on the web. Step 10 asked researchers to pay close attention to when the information was written or last revised.

After viewing and completing the webinar’s quiz, I decided to learn more. I ordered Angela Maiers’ book Classroom Habitudes.

photo of book's dust cover

Classroom Habitudes by Angela Maiers

EdWeb’s groups archive webinars so they can be viewed at any time if a participant is unable to join the live presentations. After the webinar, a brief quiz of 5-6 questions is provided and a Certificate of Completion can be earned.  Presentation slides of the webinar can be downloaded in ppt or docx format.

Some of the groups I have joined include:

Digital Citizenship

Game-Based Learning Theory

Real World Literacy and the Common Core

Using Technology for Language Instruction

Consider visiting EdWeb for professional development. It’s one way to stay current with technology and fresh ideas.

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