Class Updat

Hello everyone,

A great math site for the students is  It is user friendly. It has designated grade level math lessons. It even has video tutorials for students to watch.  I would recommend only doing math standards that we have already learned until they are familiar with the site. Please start with ratios.

At this time students do not have AR access at home. I would like students  to start doing a running reading log.  Utilizing google docs, they can make an entry each day. They should read for 30 minutes a day. For the first entries this week I would like them to state the main idea from what they read that day. Please tell them to write the date and page numbers they read above each entry. I will be asking for them to send their reading logs to me in about a week so I can see how how they are progressing.

I am waiting for directives from the district about where we are headed with remote learning/teaching. I know they are working very hard to get a comprehensive program up and running. The ideas I am sharing with you may change as we progress. As with everything right now, it’s fluid.