Hello Raymond Case Elementary School Parents/Guardians and Students,

I am John Santin, the very proud principal of the Raymond Case Elementary School Cougars for the past seven years.  Raymond Case Elementary School is 20 years old with the beginning of this new year.  As we start this new year, it will be like no other school year in history.  As a parent, you are facing challenges like no other generation before us.  You are having to balance home, school, jobs and much more. As a parent myself, I can’t imagine the challenges you’re facing.  From the bottom of my heart, I commend you for all you’ve done to support your child and to keep your child engaged in our school since the beginning of the pandemic.  Please know, our teachers, staff, Dr. Bush and I are here for you.  ever hesitate to reach out to us.

This year, Distance Learning will look a lot different than it was in the spring.  Teachers have been working hard and taking lots of classes to refine virtual instruction.  There are new platforms and technology, much greater levels of accountability for time and learning during synchronsis – reel time – instruction.  This will feel very much like “regular school” Your student will need to be dress and ready for school to begin at 8:00 a.m.  Teaching and learning will be very similar to regular with live instruction, learning targets, success criteria, guided practice and independent practice with live feedback.  Our new PE teacher, Mr. Poti, will be doing live PE lessons, Mr. Starn will guide computer lessons. There is a lunch break mid-day with independent learning in the afternoons.  When your child is done for the day, hopefully there is snack time and time to safely play outside.

Families, you will be hearing from your child’s teacher very soon.  Next week, our teachers will have boxes prepared for each student.  Be sure to check your email for more information about the pick-up days and times.  When communicating with your child’s teacher, please be sure to inform the teacher if your child will need to check out a Chromebook. We ask that if your child currently has an iPad, Chromebook, Laptop or desktop computer that you do not check out a Chromebook. Currently we are in very limited supply of Chromebooks and we want to assure we’ll have enough for our kindergarten and first grade students whom may need to check out a Chromebook.

Parents please be sure to watch our website, check email and text messages for our weekly announcements.  Also, we have a new Distance Learning handbook that will be sent out electronically as well as on our website.  Attendance is taken daily and students are expected to be engaged with instruction and learning the entire day.  As a parent, be sure to log into Parent Vue well before the first day of school.  If you need help with Parent Vue, please see our website, call the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) office at (916) 686-7568 or our office at (916) 681-8820.

Parents, we are in this together.  We will do our best to meet our students social, emotional and academic goals in this time of Distance Learning.  This is going to be another great year of learning at Raymond Case Elementary School. As we say, “Go to Case, Go to College.”  As always, you are welcome to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.

We’re Raymond Case Cougars, we will be strong, while Distance Learning is going on.


John Santin,


Raymond Case Elementary School