Welcome to 2009!

Happy New Year! We’ve had a great vacation and plenty of time for some holiday fun. Now let’s get back to some new learning adventures!

This semester our 4th grade classes will be doing some projects with computer technology. Our first project will be to learn how to blog. Blogging is a way to share your ideas  by writing them on a website for others to see. People who read them can respond by “posting a comment”. That means they can add their ideas about what you wrote to the website also. This way we can communicate and share with people around the world on our computers!

So, Blog Tamers, put on your thinking caps!  Here’s my first question to you…..Now that 2008 has come and gone, what was the best school activity of the year?  

23 thoughts on “Welcome to 2009!

  1. Thank you for your interest in my new blog. Isn’t this cool?! I think the kids will love it!

  2. My favorite activity in 2008 is Book Fair.It’s my favorite activity because there’s alot of amazing books to read and also alot of supplies to use.

  3. My favorite 2008 activity is when we had praire day . My favorite part was when we had popcorn and when they told us about spooky stories.

  4. In 2008, my favorite subject was the P.E. teacher.
    He taught us how to exercise for a fith grade test.
    The teachers are going to test their classes to see
    if their classes really know. They are going to do
    some curlups and pushups.

  5. My favorite activity of 2008 was the book fair because there was many things to buy like books and supplies.That was my favorite activity of 2008.

  6. My favorite activity from last year was Pawprint theater. I liked it so much because I got to learn about the Gold Rush.

  7. My first day of school was great, because I did cool activities, and we made a what ‘s old what’s new story, and that is my favorite thing of 2008.

  8. My favorite activity for last year was when the P.E. teacher came because I learned about so many things. We did exercise,played games,and pushups
    to get ready. For the 5th grade test.

  9. My Favorite activity of 2008 was the Book Fair.
    THere was a lot of books like funny books, happy
    books, sad books, and more. I bought five books
    and one book mark. I gave ten dollars to my brother and he bought five book and ten markers.
    and I had a great time at the book fair.

  10. My favorite 2008 school activity was the book fair. I saw lots and lots of books and I saw some school supplies. I got some school suppies like pencils and markers. I got some books. That is my favorite 2008 school activity.

  11. My favorite activity from last year was when we took a field trip to Effie Yeaw Nature Center and we took pictures of the animals & the different type of plants and berries.

  12. My favorite activity last year was the school BBQ. I liked it because they had a jump house and they had food like hot dogs and cookies. Also they had the water tank out and MR.McNeil was in the water tank. Then they played music. My family and I enjoyed it.

  13. My favorite activity was when I went on a field trip and we tasted some fruit. I had a lot of grapes. Then I had some peaches.

  14. My favorite activity was the Book fair. There were interesting Books. I liked seeing the books. I bought a Goosebump book and a money eraser.

  15. My favorite school activity for 2009 was the mad science assembly. I liked it because it was gross and funny. It taught us that smoking is bad.

  16. My favorite activity was when I went on a field trip and we tasted some friut. I had a lot of grapes. I had some peaches.

  17. My favorite school activity was field day. Field day is going to different groups and playing a game . We played kickball, baseball, and duck duck goose. We played in bounce houses. We also had parachutes.

  18. It is important for Barack Obama because he is the first black president and he gets to run the United States. He also made history because he’s the first black president.

  19. My favorite school activity in 2008 was Prairie Day.We ate popcorn and saw a lady who made soap. We saw a lady making yarn and we heard a story about a ghosttown.

  20. I think B. Obama being president is important
    because we can make the world a better place and
    remake America. We don’t want America to be
    so dirty.

  21. I think its important that Barack Obama is president because he said that he will help people get good jobs and give schools more money.I like President Obama.

  22. My favorite activity of 2008 was the book fair. It was fun because I got a book and an eraser.

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