Mr. Ferreirae's Blog 2.2

February 9, 2010
by billferreirae

It’s Wednesday, already.

Yes, we’re going to try out the new laptops. Don’t ask me about it.


Spy Guys

Percentage Problems – read how to do the problems, then do the ones at the bottom. When you can get all of them correct, click and do the additional problems.

Language Arts

Fact or Opinion


Plot & Setting

Guess the Setting

Main Idea

Main Idea


Math WB 140-141

Science – Read Living Wise WB 24-32

Read Textbook 8.2

WB – Read and answer questions pg 142-148 (all Science due next Tuesday)

AR 60 minutes

LA – Read “Ray & Mr. Pit”

Spelling WB 98-101

Comp WB 124-127

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