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Name: Bill Ferreirae

Number of years teaching: 24

Years at David Reese: 24

Education: Cordova High School
Sacramento City College
Sacramento State University
National University

Philosophy of teaching: I am here to help you learn, but you are responsible for your learning. Learning is an activity; you must be putting as much or more effort than me.

Favorite subjects to teach: Technology. Our goal is to become computer wizards, master the Internet, and be able to find any and all the knowledge we need. Math is fun too.


Wife: Annette
Kids: Ashley, Trevor & Casey
Food: Steak, tuna, eggs and ice cream (not all together)
Music: U2
Books: Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code, I mostly read the newspaper and the Internet
Teams: Kings, 49ers, A’s, Tottenham Hotspur
Movies: Anything with Tom Hanks
TV: The Office
Car: Scion XB
Bike: Giant OCR C3 (ridden over 125 miles per week)
Computer: Apple MacBook Air
Drink: Water
City: Rancho Cordova
Island: Madeira (Portugal)
Hobby: Travel
School: David Reese

Our School


Screen shot 2010-09-26 at 10.08.24 PM
Screen shot 2010-09-26 at 10.13.08 PM

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