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Name: Bill Ferreirae

Number of years teaching: 24

Years at David Reese: 24

Education: Cordova High School
Sacramento City College
Sacramento State University
National University

Philosophy of teaching: I am here to help you learn, but you are responsible for your learning. Learning is an activity; you must be putting as much or more effort than me.

Favorite subjects to teach: Technology. Our goal is to become computer wizards, master the Internet, and be able to find any and all the knowledge we need. Math is fun too.


Wife: Annette
Kids: Ashley, Trevor & Casey
Food: Steak, tuna, eggs and ice cream (not all together)
Music: U2
Books: Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code, I mostly read the newspaper and the Internet
Teams: Kings, 49ers, A’s, Tottenham Hotspur
Movies: Anything with Tom Hanks
TV: The Office
Car: Scion XB
Bike: Giant OCR C3 (ridden over 125 miles per week)
Computer: Apple MacBook Air
Drink: Water
City: Rancho Cordova
Island: Madeira (Portugal)
Hobby: Travel
School: David Reese

Our School


Screen shot 2010-09-26 at 10.08.24 PM
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  1. Great site. I teach 5th grade in Brook Park, Ohio (part of the Berea City School District). I was looking for inspiration for the up coming school year. You’ve definately inspired me. Great job. Hoping to get my students blogging soon. Any suggestions on how to get them started?

  2. Thanks for the kind words. My district uses edublogs, so that’s what I’m using now. In the past I used I’ve also seen a good site at I set them up for them, then just tell them the login and password (I give everyone the same passsword to mke it easy to remember). I have them do all their writing assignments on the blog. This gives them a 24/7 access to their work and writing. I also encourage them to write about whatever they want, whenever they want.

    Good Luck!

  3. Greetings from Montreal!
    I’m taking a quick tour of the blogs taking part in the new Challenge and just wanted to say hello.
    So far what I find really unique is your “Slideshows” section. What a great idea.

  4. Hello from North Carolina!

    Your site is absolutely fantastic. We (me and about 100 8th graders) would love to connect with you guys. Our group is also registered for the blogging challenge–feel free to add us to your blogroll.

    Ms. Grant

  5. Hi Mr Ferreirae, your blog is fantastic! I have added some of your great maths games as links on my blog – I teach a grade 4/5 class in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
    I was looking for the blog challenge picture as a story starter… is it on your blog? Perhaps I misread the post – am home today with a sick child and little sleep so quite possible I made a mistake.
    Happy blogging
    Regards, Sam Graunke.

  6. So how come you wont tell us when your birth day

  7. I don’t want to

  8. Thats unfortunet

  9. G’day Mr Ferreirae

    My class is a Year 6/7 class from the beautiful Adelaide Hills in South Australia. We will be checking on your blog often as we think you have some great ideas.

    If you want to try a cool maths game, click on our class blog – – and have a shot. What year level are you?


    Mr Mac

  10. Hi Bill

    I loved your blog, this is a best way to interact with your pupil and make them motivated towards study, I tried to go through whole blog but this is so big that I think it would be better to bookmark it and then browse it sometime later. This is such a nice way to be in touch 24/7.

  11. Hi. Is Serious doing good in school? Can you make Serious and his classmates read an assigned book and make them write a 3-5 sentence report on the book.

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