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Rutter Writing Assessment

After the writing assessment:

Tween Tribune

Cost of Life

EdHeads – choose an activity

Khan Academy – math from where you left off…..

Intro to JavaScript

Lure of the Labyrinth

Rutter Electives

You need to choose 3 elective classes for Rutter; a 1st choice, a 2nd choice, and a 3rd choice. Please read the class descriptions, and then fill out the form.


Beginning Band:

Hey students! Learn to play a band instrument!  Instruction on flute, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, baritone horn, French horn, or drums is available.  No experience is necessary to take this class, and all instruments are available for loan for free!  Get ready to perform your first concert by the end of the year!

Intermediate Band

Students continue with your band instrument. This is the performing band for James Rutter and you will learn to play a variety of band music. We perform at several concerts throughout the year. One year experience playing a band instrument is needed to join this group.


Do you sing in the Shower? Do you sing along with the radio? Do you secretly long to sing on American Idle?  If you like to sing and perform then choir is the class for you!   In this class you will learn how to sing correctly using proper vocal technique such as pronunciation, blend, and breath support.  This is generally a fast pace class where we will learn a variety fun of songs.  Sign up for choir and join the fun!


After gaining skills with pencils, paints, charcoal and oil pastels, you’ll create African masks and design boxes. Completing these projects while studying modern artists will prepare you to print t-shirts with a silkscreen and make giant food sculptures. You’ll be trained on the airbrush to create paintings or decorate clothing and a press will be available to make etched prints. Your creations will be displayed in the library or the office and you could be chosen for a district wide competition or show. You get to keep all of your work, so if you like a hands-on class, this is the one for you.

Yearbook and Publications

Yearbook is a year-long elective that covers all aspects of publications, from video to old-school newspapers. Students will photograph, use an online yearbook program, develop public relations materials, make commercials and other means of advertising, write articles for the school newspaper, sharpen their critical thinking abilities, and improve their reading and writing skills.

History of Film

In this course, students will use music and film to better understand important historical events taking place in the United States from the 1960’s up to the present day. Students will learn how people in the music and film industry used music and film to express themselves and influence public opinion. Students will learn how to determine view points, biases and reasons behind why certain songs and movies were made and the impact those movies and songs had on society in general.


AVID is for students who are serious about going to college. In AVID, you will learn how to be organized and how to keep your grades up in honors classes. You will also get tons of information about what colleges are looking for in students.


Leadership students play a major role on the JRMS campus.  From rallies to dances, bulletin boards to honor roll lunches, Leadership students are in charge.  A leadership student needs to be responsible, self-motivated, confident, organized and spirited.  If you possess those qualities, or feel that you have them within you just waiting to come out, Leadership could be the class for you!

Pre-Engineering (Project Lead the Way):

Do you enjoy working on building projects and working with computers and tools?  Then, Pre-Engineering is for you.  During this course you will be sketching and designing using computer modeling.  You will utilize a hands-on approach to create models. Through hands-on projects, you will explore the science of electricity, circuit design, and sensing devices.   You will learn about the mechanics of motion, the conversion of energy, and the use of science to improve communication.  In addition, you will trace the history and development of automation and robotics and learn about structures, machine automation, and computer control systems.


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