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Pho King


Thanks Bruce, I’m really looking forward to eating there. Pho King 2

Teacher v. 6th Grade BB

Good Luck – you’ll need it.

Mr. Thompson – 1987

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.20.34 PM

Jr. Chef


Khan Academy – math from where you left off…..

Intro to JavaScript


AR 11:20-11:45

Language Arts 11:45-12:00

Gold Coin Test

Answer Sheet

Spelling Test:

  • Open a new Google Drive document
  • Title it “Spelling 6.4″
  • Share it with
  • Listen to the audio – type what you hear – you may listen over and over/stop audio while you type
  • Spell check


Take the AR test on “The Gold Coin”

Alliteration / Onomatopoeia presentation


Social Studies 1:30-2:10

Continue Presentation 11-1, 11-2 if you finish. You’ll have time on Friday to finish. 11-1 quiz Monday


AR 60 minutes

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