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Since no one reads ahead, I’m going to add to this post as we go along today. You’ll have no idea what comes next.


In the spirit of “A Gift for a Gift”, write a post on this: If you could give one person any gift (not cash), who would it be, and what would you give them?

Social Studies

Finish 10.4 notes – Quiz Monday


Correct HW

Review Chapter 13

HW 525-528

Language Arts

Answer Sheet

Gift for a Gift Test

Spelling Test:

  • Open a new Google Drive document
  • Title it “Spelling 6.3″
  • Share it with
  • Listen to the audio – type what you hear – you may listen over and over/stop audio while you type
  • Spell check

If you finish: Read in your AR book

Dwarf Invasion

Reading Bear – choose level A on any of the short vowel sounds





AR – 60 minutes

Math HW 525-528

Homophones due Sunday

Finish SS 10.4 notes

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