Mr. Ferreirae's Blog 2.2

I’m not here


You know what needs to be done and how to do it. Computer Free Time for those that do an excellent job while I’m gone.

Blog 7:55-8:10

On your blog, explain in detail, with every step, how to make a sandwich. Start with “I walk into the kitchen”.

SOAR 8:10-8:50

Choose any of these code activities

Math I 8:50-9:30

Khan Academy –  Hour of Code

Math II 9:30-10:00

Correct 6.5

Classwork/Homework 241-244

Bathroom Break 10:00-10:05

Math III 10:05-11:05

Classwork/Homework 241-244

If you finish: Khan Academy or iReady Math or Thinking Blocks or

Recess 11:05-11:20

AR – Silent Reading – 11:20-12:00

Language Arts 12:00-12:50

Spelling 62-63 (do whole class) assign 64-65

Grimke Sisters Sequence Chart (with partners or groups)

Lunch 12:50-1:30

Social Studies 1:30-2:10

Finish 6.2 notes (on computer)

6.2 Quiz (use notes only; no book)

Explore Chapter 6 on the Internet


More Hinduism

Even more Hinduism


Buddhism II

Buddhism III

Ancient India

Gupta Empire


AR 61 minutes

Math 241-244

Read “Grimke Sisters”

Sequence Chart due Thursday

Spelling 64-65

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